Monday 2 May 2011

Art Journal Page - Unique

Created in my Moleskine journal using Golden paints, Neo Colour 2's, stamps, inks, charcoal & collaged book page.  This page was recorded for YouTube: here's the link:


  1. I love your blog, I've stumble here from your You Tube channel. Thanks for sharing your beautiful Art with us!

  2. Thank you so much for creating this blog. What has me in awe is that half way through your work I think yes that's good & I'd be proud of it as a final piece. Then you add more elements that either add to the depth or cohesiveness and I think wow. Thats what makes you stand apart for me, having that eye to add more yet not too much. Thanks again for sharing. ChescaUK

  3. This page is so gorgeous! Love the colours and the black and white outlining is really cool :)
    So many details to look at!
    Simply gorgeous!

    Have a great start of the new week!

  4. Gorgeous art!! And such a lovely message to all :-p can't wait to watch the making of video :o) hugs xx

  5. love your subtle put down!! did you get all the tension worked out as you completed the page? i was laughing all the way through the video as you kept layering on the originality.

    i hope you don't let them get to you. i love all your videos and yes i use them for technique and inspiration but i also credit you for that. and you're right - anyone else trying to imitate you would be a cheap imitation.

    look forward to next saturdays show. psandi

  6. You are so awesome! I really laughed OUT LOUD when I saw this page, brilliant and very lady like. You truly are an inspiration.

  7. Your work is inspirational, Rachel... I first found you when looking for how to make clay canes... fab.. then "found " you again doing mixed media and was blown away... I am LOVIN it and shall try to get to see you live... keep on keeping on Kiddo!!

  8. Just found your blog and I'm really missing words, your work is outstanding. Love the bright colors in your pieces and the wonderful painting. Really inspiring.
    You've a new follower now ;)
    Wish you a nice weekend.