Friday 24 May 2013

Canvas - Fairies In The Garden & 30,000 Subscriber Give A Way

As a thank you to all my subscribers over on You Tube, I created a new video (as promised), and have decided to give away the art made in that video.

Fairies in the garden is an 8 x 8" Mixed media Canvas made with, oh, just about everything that was in arms reach and shiny! lol

Here's some close up stills from the video (details on how to win are below):

 If you have watched the video, and are a subscriber of my You Tube Channel, here's what to do for a chance to win.  Leave a comment on this post (You Tube comments will not be counted for the draw, though they are obviously more than welcome to share your views on the canvas.  This way just separates people who wish to leave a comment from people who would like to be in the draw).  

Feel free to subscribe to my blog to, but that is not necessary to enter.  subscribing to my You Tube channel is necessary however (Otherwise it's not really a subscriber give a way lol)

In your comment below, I would like to know the following:
1.  Why do you subscribe to my channel & what is your favourite video?
2.  What type of video would you like to see more of, for example drawing & painting, altered 3D art, clay work, canvases, tags, art cards, etc etc - you can list a style, medium or type of art  
3.  Anything else you want to add about yourself, your art or my videos 

A winner will be drawn at random and results posted to my blog 2 weeks today which will be Friday 7th June 2013 - Please check back to find out if you have won!
Good luck, and thank you again, Rachel x



  1. Rach It's so good to see a new video from you. I started in 2010 doing tags. I loved watching you over and over. I love your sin off Bye with the English clip in your intonation. Anyho I love the tutorial you did with the glimmer mist and the saran wrap paper. I've done that many times on card stock and the results have been fantastic. In 2013 I I have become quite excited about Mixed Media, and would love to see more from you. I am still trying to fine my way and style.Thanks again LaSharown

  2. 1. I like to watch the process videos with the happy music!! My favorite video is the one where you made a card that says Home is where the heart is and has an evening street scene on it...
    2. More of...hmmm...Canvases and journal pages.
    3. Thanks for the chance to win, it's a gorgeous prize!!! My name is Candace Scarborough, and you can find me on YT under that name and I live in the US in Washington State...

  3. I found your channel awhile back when I was looking for some mixed media inspiration and once I saw 1 of your videos I was hooked and had to watch all of them. I am a huge fan of your mixed media work. My favorite video is probably the one with the Tim Holtz umbrella man. Thanks for the chance to win one of your creations! Hugs!! Barb

  4. Hi Rach, my favorite video goes way back to when you were doing your vintage tags.. I have always used those videos when I create a vintage tag to refer back to.. I like all of your tutorials.. Mixed Media is my favorite.. I would love love to win one of your pieces.

  5. Hi Rachel,
    1. the reason i subscribe to your youtube is because i just love to see all your awesome work, esp. when you make the time to outline & put tiny details to all your work. because of you, I fell in love with mixed media art.
    2. i would love to see your haul videos & altered 3D art
    3. because of you i have gotten back into crafting (thank-you) & hopefully drawing again.


  6. I subscribe because I love to watch you work! You seem so organized and I love time-laps without a lot of talk. My favorite video was probably the mask. I think I watched it at least a dozen times and recommended it to a lot of people - who became followers too.

    I love mixed media - but honestly I love watching anything you do. I am especially interested in altered art right now - but that can change tomorrow.

    You are really the only reason I went out and bought a video camera and am trying (not very successfully) to teach myself how to edit and upload craft/art videos (time lapse with no talking!). For some reason you make me want to be part of this subculture of craft/art people who make amazing videos of what they do. I don't understand it - it just inspires me.

    Thanks again for coming back!!

  7. Hi! I'm a loyal subscriber and would love the opportunity to win this BEAUTIFUL piece.

    1. I first subscribed to your videos a while back because I was doing an art project on Fabergé eggs and I was browsing on Youtube looking at people decorating eggs to get ideas. Usually people just draw or paint on them but when I found your "Mixed Media Decorated Easter Egg" video I was just FLOORED (oh, by the way, that's definitely my favorite video) because it was so unique and you put so much love and care into it that I watched it about 10 times. It really, really motivated and inspired me not only to complete my project in a timely manner but also to explore mixed media art because that is an area that is still new to me.

    2. Personally, I love all your videos because they aren't the standard art videos so whatever you're posting now I'm really happy with. I suppose seeing more painting on canvases would be nice especially since that is my personal favorite medium but your mixed media videos always just dazzle me.

    3. You're one of my biggest motivators when I'm feeling lazy about finishing my pieces- the music choices are especially awesome! I'm an artist myself. This is my most recently finished piece:

    (It contains nudity, by the way)

    Thanks for making these amazing videos!!

  8. I am so so so thrilled you have returned!!! I would love to look at your art in my "Sue-Dio". (my name is Sue LOL) everyday!!
    I think my fave video is the Steampunk Dragonflies, the first I ever watched. I subscribe to your channel because I think you are one of the most inspirational and talented artist out there. I love all of your art so it would be hard to pick what I would like to see more of...prob mixed media/altered art on canvas. thanks...have to go watch the video now.

  9. Hi, First I missed your videos on you tube. I subscribe to your channel because I like that you show everything from start to finish. I like your work. My favorite video is Mixed media art canvas steam punk dragonflies. I would like to see altered 3d art. I also loved your craft room tour with all your stamps. So jealous. Thank you melanie

  10. I suscribed to your channel as soon as i watched "Metal tape art" (more than a year ago) wich i looooooove! & then watched all of your videos & definitely fell in love w/ every project! honestly all of your videos are my favorites now, but if i can say a few, are, of course "metal art tape" Gothic Halloween", steampunk dragonflies" Y Shabby chic fabric canvas! i'd like to see more of canvases, & art cards!! I'm a beginner & you're a HUGE inspiration for me, i really MISSED you & hope to see MORE often your videos on YT! you're the BEST!! I respect & ADMIRE you a lot!!! Sincerely. Rosie Espinoza.

  11. I subscribed to your channel after seeing your video steampunk dragonflies but, my favorite is art journal-hold on life. Personally I would love more journal art videos! My name is Mell and I've only been watching your videos for a few weeks but, they inspire me to continue on with my own art work. I can be found on YT under Spazzwarning or on Tumblr under Seal-King.

  12. I subscribe to your channel because your work is the kind of art I most enjoy. It is whimsical and joyful and there is something in each piece I can relate to. I also watch because I do not have an artistic bone in my body, but by seeing you work I am inspired to try to do something that I can be proud of.
    As far as which video is my favorite,I would have to say 'Fairies in the Garden' as I feel that in some small way I have helped contribute to its conception.
    I am always most happy to see you do mixed media art journal pages as that is what I would love to try to make myself.
    Even if I do not win, thank you so very much for all of the wonderful pieces you have made. They are all gorgeous and I love each and every one.

  13. I love your work. You have inspired me to get into mixed media. My favorite video is the canvas painting of the lady bug girl. I would like to see more journal pages and mixed media canvas work. I subscribe to your channel because I enjoy the time lasp tutorials and I get so much inspiration from you. I also love how you show the products you use in all of your videos. A lot of people forget to do that. Thank you so much for the chance to win this beautiful work of art. Take care, Jenny

  14. 1) Why not,,,lol
    2) Any thing as long as theres MORE of them ,
    3) just proud to be a friend x

    1A: Cuz you rock and my favourite video is the little star book

    2A; now that is a hard one but if i had to pick one it would be Tags with mix media

    3A; just a big thank you 4 being a big part in my crafting x

  15. 1. I love how you show how you create from start to finish and show different materials you use for your projects. My favorite would have to be the altered bottle because it was the first video I watched and tried so hard to 2. Would love to see 3D altered mixed media using metal embellies. 3. Thank you for a chance to win. I dedicated my first YT vid to you! DCScrappinRooster!

  16. 1. I subscride because i love art and yours is very different then some of the main stream things. It inspires me. My favorite video is called 'mixed media assemblage'. The box with diffrent boxes.
    2. I would like to see more 3d art or/and more gothic and steampunk things.
    3. I love the idea of a contest. my name is julia bt i'd be found on youtube under ThisbeWalshy. I live in canada, 15 years old and I love your vids. Thanks

  17. 1. I subscribed to your channel because I like the whole mixed media thing. I see a lot of painters and sketch artists but few people who can do what you do. My favorite video is Mixed Media Altered Bottle.
    2. I'm curious to know if you can spray paint with spray cans. But I love the mixed media stuff you do.
    3. My name is Kristen Devally and my YT channel name is kcjleemx5. I live in Laredo, TX.

  18. 1. I love the variety of projects that you show and appreciate that you show the process from start to finish! I enjoy every video, but one of my faves is the mixed media assemblage Parts 1-3 - loved seeing how it came together!
    2. This one is tough...lately I have been trying my hand at 3d altered art and assemblage is always on my list!
    3. I'm in the process of moving cross country! My art supplies have been packed for over a month and I'm d.y.i.n.g. to get back to creating something on a regular basis! Seriously love the start to finish of your art. It always amazes me to see the finished product. Thanks so much for sharing your talents!

  19. I subscribed when I saw your texture fades video. Your work is amazing. my Favorite video is learn to dance in the rain. I started making tags and started a art journal.your work is inspiring. I dont know what I would want to see more of because I learn a great amount from all of your work. Thank you for taking time and sharing them with all of us who have subscribed. my name is Angela McDavid thanks for sharing

  20. I love your channel because you are so extremely talented. I love watching how you do things. My fave so far is the dragonfly canvas.
    I love seeing start to finish videos on the canvases that you do, more of those would mean more awesomeness to see.
    Thanks for giving this piece of art away. it would be an honor to have it. I am just starting with mixed media on canvas and hope to be a tiny bit as talented as you are one day.

  21. 1. I subscribed because I fell in love with watching you turn something completely ordinary to some completely extraordinary. My favorite video of yours is the Steampunk Dragonflies :)
    2. I would like to see more of your mixed media work
    3. I'm not much of an artist myself but I do know how to appreciate it, I adore everything you do. You have such an eye for colors and themes.
    (Hayley C)

  22. 1, I have loved your work for quite a while and get so much inspiration = my all time fav is the elements of magic watch it over and over
    2. mixed media in journal pages, canvas, atc's etc...
    3. I love seeing your process of making art and even though I cannot draw I feel so inspired from your videos I pull out my art journal and create using your techniques. Thanks for sharing your talent with us subbies

    My u tube name is: lovelucky253

  23. First let me just say how glad I am to see you back; I missed you and your art!

    and now...

    1-I subscribed because... well...cause... guess I love what and how you create. I appreciate getting to see the whole process as I learn a lot from you- sometime watching and thinking "noooo, stop there!!" and then seeing it was best to continue :-))Said that with the creepy halloween project for instance :-)) What a beauty! Hard to choose only of your creation as my favourite...
    2-I mostly appreciate your art journals, canvases and ... to be surprised by what you have to propose :-)
    3-I appreciate that you always show the products you're using along the process; thanks for that, it is very usefull.
    Once again I am happy to see you back, can't wait for what's coming :-)
    Genipouh froy you tube

  24. I'm so happy that you are back. I've missed you so.

    1. Well I like to watch the process videos with the violin music in the background. I bop my head up and down as I watch you create. The video I love is called, "Elements of Magic". It's my favorite of all time and yes I have watched all your videos. Lol

    2. I would love to see you alter canvases and tags.

    3. My name is Darlene Morales and I have a YT channel but I don't do videos. I live in the good ole USA.
    Thank you for sharing your art with us all. You are so talented.
    Thank you for the chance to win that amazing canvas. :)

  25. I love to watch your whole process, it is amazing. To pick a favorite is hard...i love so many of your vids, the mini star book and the box with all the little compartments...ohh and the dominos...bah, i cant pick!!! I always get so excited when i see a vid from you. Please do more :) I love all your altered art vids. Thaks for the chance to win your wonderful art!! (ksdec on youtube)

  26. 1. I love watching your channel because you are so extrememly talented. My fave video so far is the dragonfly canvas that you done, although this fairy one is amazing too.
    2. I love the start to finish videos, any of them. You show tons of techniques and ways to create. I am so glad that you share your talent with us.
    3 I am new at mixed media canvas, but I do love it. I would be honored to have one of your pieces to hang in my craft room.

  27. Hi Rach,
    Like everyone else I am so, so glad you are back!
    1. I love watching all your creative videos but especially enjoy anything with a steampunk or metallic influence. However, my two favourites are probably the faux cloisonne technique and the Elements of Magic mixed media piece.
    2. I enjoy watching all your videos.
    3. I am a mother, wife and nurse from rural Australia, currently studying part-time also. Your videos are a very welcome distraction. I dabble in lots of art/craft but my current addiction is to mixed media.
    I would be honoured to own one of your creative pieces, thanks so much for the opportunity to enter :)

  28. i found your channel by way of the steampunk mask (and other steampunk art) and those remain some of my favorites. what i love about your art mostly is your use of color and texture. it inspires me to try different media in my own work. would love to see more of everything, but especially steampunk or altered 3d pieces. or jewelry - love the domino pendants.

    this piece was really lovely. loved all the watery tones in the background.

  29. I love watching you create art. I love this video but my favorite is the bandana technique video.

    I love tags, canvases and art cards - so more of those, please.

    Fairies are among my favorite things with wings!

  30. Hi I love everything you do you're a talented artist
    1. I suscribed to your channel because your art totally take my attention, you're really original and I like that and the colors you use.. my favourite video is this one the card with homes, I really enjoyed see that video
    2. definitely I want to see more of drawing and painting!!
    3. I love making this kind of art but i don't have too much time i have 2 babies they're the best I will have in my life.. I hope one day have too much stuffs like you to make my art,,,

    I hope you can understand my poor english.. !! thanks for the give awayy!!

  31. I love your work! I work with polymer clay and was searching for videos about it when I came across your steampunk dragonfly piece. It is my favorite and I would like to see you do more with clay on mixed media 3D canvas art. That video inspired me to try using cavas and clay together to make my own art canvases, and I have been driven to explore mixed media ever since. Thank you for making the videos and inspiring so many people!

  32. 1. Why do you subscribe to my channel & what is your favourite video?

    I subscribed to your channel of course because of your breathtaking artwork but mostly to see what kind of equipment you use while working. Country and expecially the city I used to live in, was place you couldn't go and search for the things you need. Internet has always been there for me to know what's up in the world of art and what kind of things people recommend to use. Mostly I order all my art stuff overseas.

    My favorite video is probably Art Journal Page - Life Hold On even if I quite don't like the basic hearts. I'm more into realistic style when it comes to heart in artwork. But the main reason for me diggin expecially that video is the way you use letters and colors doing it on journal. I love journals and it was brilliant idea to do something like that on a journal page. I would probably love to try do that on my diary with some quotes of the day.

    2. What type of video would you like to see more of, for example drawing & painting, altered 3D art, clay work, canvases, tags, art cards, etc etc - you can list a style, medium or type of art

    Well, I mostly work with canvas but these days I have been into posters and I would love to see you design a poster maybe for a campaign, concert, carnival etc.

    3. Anything else you want to add about yourself, your art or my videos

  33. I subscribe to you because your work is always unique and inspiring. I wish I could create such masterpieces. I would love to see more videos on 3d altered art and really anything unusual lol. I've really missed not seeing any videos from you recently. They are always so well done and the music is always cheerful.

  34. I subscribed ti your chanek fir two reasins, to watch your gorgeous wirk take place and to also help give me ideas fir my own work when i get the chance my fav video has to be element of magic it took me to my younger days, i wiuld love to see mire journal work i love this video as fairues are the one aspect if my childhood i havent grown out of xxx

  35. Hi Rachel, so exiteddddd you are back again!!!! I missed you so much, as you know I've been following you since de beginning. In response to your questions I Have to say that anything you create is a piece of art and I don't mind what kind of media or project, all of them are so good, and the videos really are such an inspiration. Love tags, minis, canvas, mis media everything!!! LOVE YOUR ART!!!!! Please download whethever you feel like , your followers will appreciate it!!! Thanks for the great oportunity to win your last creation it would be a honor to have this canvas on my walls. Hugs!!! From Barcelona

  36. I subscribed to your channel because of the way you do your tutorials, you let us know what it is you're doing and using and also when your doing something that is redundant, you jump ahead(instead of us having to watch someone videotaping the paint dry, with or without a heat gun)with the exception of watching things crack) :) My favorite video is hard because I've liked so many, so I'll choose the one that made me subscribe to your channel and that is "Alcohol Ink Textured Background Tutorial" where you're using Alcohol ink and fantasy film! you put down cello and masking tape with PVA glue i think they were ATC's, i just loved how simple you made it look and the examples you showed at the end of it, really liked the color combos. That video is the one that hooked me, just had to see them all :) I would like to see more of those(love Alcohol ink) and i also would like to see more like the Faux carnival glass anything with fantasy film would be good.

  37. Well, well, well, let's see:

    1. Why do you subscribe to my channel & what is your favourite video?

    I was looking for Mixed Media work which I enjoy creating and watching, and when I came across with your Bandana Technique I was amazed of how cool that was, so I decided to video respond you with what you taught me that beautiful evening of April 12, 2012 I was brave enough to video respond and not just leave a comment so there, I feel silly now LOL!!!

    2. What type of video would you like to see more of, for example drawing & painting, altered 3D art, clay
    work, canvases, tags, art cards, etc etc - you can list a style, medium or type of art.

    Keep doing what you do best, I think you are very unique with your Mixed Media Style there is no way I can tell you what is the best thing to do more on your channel or blog cause you have a variety of videos which you mention in this question that for me fulls fills my joy of watching and admiring your work plus you have a great personality I love watching your Ustream sometimes cause I can see who is behind the Beautiful Art on those videos.

    3. Anything else you want to add about yourself, your art or my videos.

    Well Art has been part of my life since I was very young and I stopped for a long time, but last year I came back knowing that I could show the World what I can do. So I feel lucky to have that part of my life where I can be creative and that makes me happy.

    Love your Fairies In The Garden, you alwasy amaze me, congratulations on the for reaching 30,000 subbies on YT you are a staaaar :D

  38. why subscribing? to learn.that is the most important reason. you share a lot and gice tips. and then you make art I like, fantasy, colorful and sometimes a bit funny or weird.
    I like the video "altered jars and mixed media assemblage" a lot. but I had a hard time to choose.
    I would like to see more altered canvases and art journals..that is what I need to learn.
    I do a lot of different work, and I watch a lot of art journaling lately because I am taking a class in September. I need to not over think my work and be free to create, that is needed for art journaling. I always think to much about the colors, placement of paper or other items...drives me crazy sometimes. So that is why I subbed to you..look and learn!
    oh I have my own Youtube channel too, if you have the for creaboetiek.
    thanks for the change to win!

  39. Рейчел, я с большим интересом просматриваю все, что ты создаешь, хотя и не использую это в своей жизни :) Просто мне это нравится! Меня очаровывает все - твое виртуозное мастерство, хороший вкус, и чудная музыка. Твоим урокам перевод не нужен - они понятны каждому человеку. Когда ты "пропала" я волновалась и подписалась на твой блог в ожидании сообщений. На прошлой неделе их появилось много и все они были разные! Я так рада твоему возвращению и новым идеям! Я живу в России (ты уже поняла :) Спасибо за то, что ты с нами!

    1. Translation : Russian to English-
      Rachel, I have great interest check all that you create, although I do not use it in your life :) I just love it! Fascinates me everything - your consummate skill, good taste, and wonderful music. Your lessons translation is not necessary - they are clear to everyone. When you are "lost" I was worried and subscribed to your blog in anticipation of messages. Last week, they got a lot and they were all different! I'm so glad you're back and new ideas! I live in Russia (you already knew :) Thank you for having you with us!

  40. Hi Rachel,

    From the day I accidentally discovered your YouTube Channel I was just transfixed with the whole process of you creating a beautiful art piece from beginning to end. I didn't want to miss out on upcoming videos or loose you so I subscribed.

    I have so many favourites. How can I choose just one LOL. So, two of them would have to be Mixed Media Painting - Elements of magic and Handle with Care.

    I really love all your processes but my favourite is definitely your mixed media. The amount of layers and detailing you do is fantastic. Just when I wonder what more you could possibly add you do another five or six things. I deeply appreciate that you share your process with us ... and what a joyful process it is. It is like a lovely light coming into our lives. This is why I so look forward to your videos.

    I too would be honoured to have one of your pieces on my wall. I live in Australia and have always done arts and crafts in some form for the last 35 years. I love how the internet has opened up this world to me globally now as the city I live in is the most isolated on the planet and we're often running behind in many things. Keep creating always. Blessings.

  41. l've been a subscriber of your YT channel for over 3 years when I was looking for videos on mini books and came across "The little star book" video and I have been hooked on your videos ever since. I am glad you have made a video this time as although I watch you on Ustream the quality is so fuzzy and stilted that it spoils it for me.
    Your talent for all things mixed media is astonishing and I love watching the process of creating something beautiful and striking from virtually just pieces of card, paper and inks etc. To pick a favourite is impossible.
    I'd like to see more of your Art journal pages and Art canvases though.
    Thanks for the chance to win one of your beautiful art pieces, it would be so wonderful to see it in the flesh.
    Please keep making the videos.

  42. Congratulations on a landmark number of subscribers, Rachel. I am not a bit surprised, because your work is some of the best on the Internet. I am off to subscribe to your blog as well!

    1. I subscribed to your channel because I love your exquisite work, your use of colour and texture, your generosity in sharing your techniques every step of the way, and your professionalism, not only in the work itself, but in the presentation of the videos. It is hard to choose a favourite, but I think it has to be Steampunk Dragonflies.

    2. I am very happy with your current selection of different types of work, but if pushed, I'd say more altered 3-D work and more of your beautiful acrylic and mixed media paintings.

    3. I am a relative newcomer to mixed media art and one of my greatest discoveries was gel mediums. I love texture, and a little bit of sparkle really lifts a piece. I enjoy 3-D paper work and experimenting with reflective surfaces and the play of light and shade. Last year I became addicted to Zentangle. I cannot list all the things I love because I'd need a book lol! At present my studio is all packed up in boxes pending our upcoming house move. I am having a purpose built studio and can't wait to get in.

    I would love to take part in your draw but rarely win anything!! However, it would be brilliant to own one of your exquisite art works and it would take pride of place in my new studio.

    Wishing you all the best for the next umpteen thousand subscribers, and keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to us all!


  43. Congratulations Rachel! When I found your channel I was always interested in absorbing your process. How you take a blank canvas (or other medium) and transform it so effortlessly into a piece of art! I love all your videos and your imagination and style draw me in. I would love to see altered art or stamping but love all you do. As I stated I learn from the process so anything goes! I love all things paper and art so for me I can try anything as long as I can learn a few steps ahead of time. Would be honored to have one of your masterpieces in my scraproom, what an honor :) Thanks for your continued inspirations~ Brigitte

  44. I subscribed to your channel after seeing the Elements of Magic video. I especially like how you show what materials you are using. I enjoy seeing anything with mixed media. I have been hesitant to move from paper to canvas so I suppose anything on canvas would be a good motivator for me. Thank you for this opportunity to win such a fun, whimsical piece of art.

  45. Yay A new youtube video from Rach! I am so stinking excited.. Oh my favorite video... those mulberry paper flowers that I can still not get to look like your (driving me crazy!!)

    Cards and to see you do some videos with all those Copics you have!!

    Nothing else to tell you but keep the videos coming I loves you lol


  46. I recently joined you on You Tube as I was looking for tutorials that were a little bit different & Ioved the detail that you show. I particularly liked how you went back with the fairy time & again tweaking & adding extra colour/mediums etc which made so much difference overall. I would love to know how long your fairies in the garden took to make in real time. I am very new to mixed media art so am trying to broaden my knowledge in the hope that something will just click with me (& I have the talent!) so that I will know what direction to head in. I would love to be able to own such an amazing picture which I could actually touch & see up close!
    Congratulations & I'm going to sign up to your blog as well.

  47. In your comment below, I would like to know the following:

    1. Why do you subscribe to my channel & what is your favourite video? Your work is spectacular and I love to seet he way you create. The video where you work with the Umbrella Man is my favorite

    2. What type of video would you like to see more of, for example drawing & painting, altered 3D art, clay work, canvases, tags, art cards, etc etc - you can list a style, medium or type of art. I love to see your altered canvases.

    3. Anything else you want to add about yourself, your art or my videos. You inspire me to create. I learn so much from watching your videos.


  48. Hi, I'm kind of new to your channel but I'm loving it. Congrats! :D
    Firstly, I subscribed to your channel because I saw some of your videos and loved them. I think you are awesome, your creations are so beautiful. I don't have one favourite but many, for instance, Gothic Halloween mixed media one, Life on hold journal page, triptych mixed media and so on...almost forgot the metal tape art, so beautiful and original.
    Secondly, I would like to see more altered 3D and learn new techniques maybe, also more mixed media. All videos you post is inspiring actually, anything you will show us will always be appreciated :)
    Thirdly, Art and crafts always meant a lot to me though I don't really have much experience. Also, I don't possess many art works. I'm planning to create more art works in the future. I wish many more people could see the beauty in your works.
    It would be great if I could win one of your art piece! Eagerly waiting...:D
    Wish you good luck for your future creations.
    With love,

  49. I'm just so glad 2 c u back on Youtube! I've been waiting and longing 4 your projects!

    I've subscribed to your youtube channel for a long time, just because it feels like you are the one to "follow" :-). U seem to b ahead of your time and I love u for it :-).

    I do like the Marie Antoinette video very much.

    U are very gifted when it comes to using different types of media... Sometimes, when I'm watching your video for the very first time, I might think to myself - halfway into the film - that ok... that's where I would've stopped - because that's where my comfort zone comes to an end... And then you surprise me with taking it one, two or even three steps further. That's what I like most about you :-).

    I'm a big fan of almost anything you do, but if I have to choose something, I'd like to see more mixed media videos :-).

    You are my biggest youtube idol, and it is U I go to, when I lack of inspiration.
    I'm a Finn, living in Sweden, trying to learn new things, that I can share on YouTube. I want to learn new stuff all the time, so that's why I keep coming back to your videos :-).
    Sari Hänninen aka thenorsugirl

  50. Darlene Bromberger24 May 2013 at 13:48

    I subscribed to you channel not long after I received my lap top for Christmas a few years ago. Fell in love with all your work. You have inspired me so many times with different techniques. I love your 3D works of art the most. This canvas is truly amazing. I am "retiring" from work in two weeks and am so looking forward to be able to have time to "play" with all the things that I love to do. You are such an inspiration to so many people. I'm so glad you are back. I missed you. Darlene.

  51. Hi Rach, here goes ...

    1. I subscribe to your channel because I love the diversity of your creations, and you never fail to inspire me. I also appreciate you showing what product you are using, for budding artists this is really important. Yours is my 'go to' channel. Hope I can be a tenth as good as you one day :). What a difficult decision to choose just one, but I think I'm going to go with Gothic Halloween - awesome how you build the layers, love this one and if I'm telling anyone about you I always tell them to look at this one.

    2. I would love to see more canvases please, but really anything you do will be fab.

    3. I'm fairly new to canvas art but from watching your vids my confidence has increased such a lot. Nothing seems scary to use anymore!

    Thank you for the chance to win this stunning piece of art, and good luck to everyone!

  52. Its so difficult to choose a favourite! But if pushed, I would say the Triptych mixed media piece you did. I do love all of your work though and have been watching and waiting for a new video - the fairy piece is so beautiful! I can't choose what I'd like to see more of, I've watched all of your videos and enjoyed them all equally - and I'm greedy lol! Thank you for sharing your work the way you do, Jos x

  53. Hi Rachel - I am just entering this wonderful scene called mixed media and am loving your journal and canvas work -- hard to pick just one!

    I would love to see more canvases, maybe on a larger scale? But love the drawing, painting, journals, in reality - everything you do.

    I am learning so much from your videos and expanding everytime I watch a new technique. Thank you for sharing your gift of art!

  54. A friend of mine told me about you and I head up to your yt channel and since then i "felt in love" with your work! My favorite video is the mixed media mini book but all your mixed media canvases are equally liked from me.
    So, as you can think, I love soooooo much watching mixed media canvases, but all your art work are amazing!!
    Do you think you will make art journaling?
    Well, I am in the beginning of experimenting with mixed media and you are my source of inspiration. I can't wait to watch every one of your videos. Thank you so much for sharing your art and giving us a chance to win a piece of your work!!

  55. Your videos are so relaxing and inspiring. I am considering mixed media art journaling to work through my grief over the loss of my dear dog. This video has been my favorite so far. Since I have an interest in mixed media, I would love to see more videos on that. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  56. I subscribed to your Channel because I love your work. You are the person who got me into the Ustream community for which I will be forever grateful.

    Wow it is difficult trying to pick one video but if I have to it would be the "steampunk dragonflies" but I love everything you do. I love your journal pages and used to enjoy watching your streams.

    I love the way you tackle so many techniques and I find your work very inspiring. As for what I want to see in future, well anything you choose as I know it will be fascinating.

    Your newest canvas is beautiful and again, very inspiring. x

  57. I subscribed after i saw your video of metal tape art. I loove your journal pages and mixed media, my favorite is the steampunk dragonflies . :-) i would like to see more of your clay work. I also like to do different crafts, i can sit for a day and make a card, then ribbon flowers, and then some clay work :-) ty for making the videos, they are inspiring. :-)

  58. Hi Rach, I love your work. I have always wanted to do mixed media art and I joined YT last year but only watched a few vids(not craft) lol then in January I found this wonderful craft world on YT. One of the first few vids I saw was yours it was "Mixed Media Art Canvas - Gothic Halloween" I like everyone I think who saw it wanted it. I loved that funny man with the Umbrella.(I went and brought some diecuts of him) The way you presented it was so good the music was great(normally I turned the music off) I have watched that vid so so many times and I tell and show it to all my friends. LOL I love the fairy garden I would like to be able to create like you do. You make it look so easy. That I have been trying to buy the paints etc bit by bit for the Gothic vid I am going to give it a go lol. I am on YT under DragonLadysCurios and I have 2 vids up. I teach craft to people with Disabilities and people isolated in the community. I also raise my G/Daughter who has an intellectual disability. It was through her that I volunteer teaching craft over 7 years ago. my class is doing the tag and shoe (my vid (1) this term in class. I am so glad you are back on YT crafting. I would like to see all you do but mostly mixed media and canvas work. oh I have used the man with umbrella on my vid (2)steampunk shadow box. I have been working on a steam Punk canvas and I am hoping to upload in a few days. I just do photos as I don't know how to do movie vids. I hope you have a look if you have time. I would love the canvas you have created and I wish everyone good luck. Thank you for putting it up as a prize.

  59. Sorry about the first comment! I forgot the questions! >_<
    In your comment below, I would like to know the following: 1. Why do you subscribe to my channel & what is your favourite video? 2. What type of video would you like to see more of, for example drawing & painting, altered 3D art, clay work, canvases, tags, art cards, etc etc - you can list a style, medium or type of art 3. Anything else you want to add about yourself, your art or my videos
    1. I subscribed to you because mixed medis is my favorite kind of art and I find your pieces to be amazing! My favorite video was the elements of magic!
    2. If you have an art journal I woulf love to see that in a video! Or also things you can find around the house and use it in an art piece! And also I would love to see how you draw cute whimsical faces on your girls!
    3. I started mixed media about 4 years ago! I would always look up example on line and used them as inspiration. I'm 18 now but I love your channel! You're super talented and I hope to make creative pieces like you do! I love the music in your videos too!

  60. I have been checking for months to see new Rach vids and this morning I heard the familiar music and saw your creative and inspiring fairie piece. So glad to see you again! I loved the little witches video, the folded paper (like a file folder) video, the little girl (two sided) tag video and so many more. It is hard to pick a favorite - like your own children. I love to watch you make something from your art - tag, folder, banner, etc. Love all the steps and it is most relaxing to watch and see what you come up with - then it inspires me to get busy, too. What a beautiful "return" to be dancing with fairies!

  61. I subscribe to your channel because I love to watch you work and I'm very inspired by what you do. It's very hard to pick a favorite video but I do love mixed media and two of my favorites are "Dance in the Rain" and "French Connection".
    Please keep those great videos coming!

  62. I subscribe to your YT channel because I am just getting back into "Art" and highly interested in mixed media and painting (Of which I've always felt I would not enjoy but do EXTREMELY). Do I really have to pick just one video... I LOVE watching all of them! My favorites are the canvases. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your WONDERFUL works of Art.

  63. 1. I have subscribed to your you tubes for a very long time now since I came across your videos & loved your style that I think is fantastic.
    2. I love your mixed media pages & tags also your jewellery videos. There is no way I could select one video as I love your style in all the videos. I must admit I'm quite partial to your latest video as I love sparkle, glitz, glamour & glitter which the fairy in the garden has. I would love to see more mixed media in canvas or tags along with more jewellery & charm making tutorials. Oh by the way woo hooo welcome back it's months since I've seen a video from you & was sooooo excited when I got the email about your latest video.

  64. Hi -- Didn't even realize you had a BlogSpot. Anyway, I absolutely love your artwork and this is the main reason I subscribe. And of course I am learning from you. I love the music and just the way you film the videos. My favorite is the mixed media but I think anything you do will be just great. I think I subscribed when I happened upon your dragonflies video one day. Just recently I watched Home is Where the Heart Is and I thought that was just fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing - its always a pleasure. And Congratulations!! 30,000 subbies - no small achievement!

  65. Hi Rach. I love, love, love this canvas. Ive been a follower of your blog and channel a very long time purely because you show such original work and I love it all. I learn something new every time I watch your videos and I like to learn something new every day. I love all your videos but some of my favourites are the metal tape art you did on the mask and wee box, plus I loved, loved, loved the altered bottle, it was incredible. The metal tape tutorials inspired me so much that I did my first metal project (and one of my very early craft projects too) using an old wire guitar. I used the metal tape to essentially make the guitar solid and then mix media'ed it up, lol. I gave it to my wee brother as a birthday present. It was one of my first videos on YT too so be gentle, lol. Here is the link if you want to see it, I did put your details in the description bar too I'd love to see any kind of videos from you Rach, everything you do is incredible. Maybe some mixed media altered boxes or turning something ordinary that we use around the house into a mixed media sensation like an old radio or something. Anything at all.... Just keep'em coming, lol. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this canvas will get a new home on my wall. Lee x

  66. I love mixed media and your videos inspire me! I love the Home card video, and have watched it many times. The Triptych is also a favorite viewed many times. All your art is fabulous so I vote for more videos of any kind :)
    I am starting to make altered books, so I use many techniques. Thanks for inspiring me and many others.

  67. 1. Why do you subscribe to my channel & what is your favourite video?
    I've been following you for years...long before we knew each other. You inspire me to be creative, to share and learn new techniques by your examples. I dig ALL of your vids, BUT, I'd have to say this last one thrills me thru and thru because it's so monumental and a significant milestone.

    2. What type of video would you like to see more of, for example drawing & painting, altered 3D art, clay work, canvases, tags, art cards, etc etc - you can list a style, medium or type of art
    A S E M B L A G E (3D), because you can apply so many of your techniques to it. ie: painting, clay, charms, die cut, etc. I would LOVE to see something like a door or window.

    3. Anything else you want to add about yourself, your art or my videos
    Rach, I'm privileged to have some of your art and adore it, so I think if I should win, I want you to draw again (pay forward) so that another person could be "blown~away" and tickled to death as I have been.
    Wishing you TONS of PEACE and LOVE in your life.
    Always, Dar ox

  68. HI Rachel...I subscribed to your channel when by accident I ran into one of your Journal ages. Watched it once and I was hoocked. I have wayched everything you have out. I am addicted!!!My favorite video is Dance in the rain, but I also love Spiritual Journey.I love everything you bring favorites are the art journal, canvases, tags, on and on I can go.Your music choise is so happy and relaxing. I am so happy you've brought something new out. I have missed you! I would consider myself blessed if I won this canvas.
    Thank You

  69. I subscribe on You Tube because I love your work and I love the videos without any talking but nice music( would love to know what was playing during this video). Have never won an original piece of another artist's work! I'd like to see more of the same, more mixed media on canvas pieces. Although I love the Steampunk work you have done also. I just seem to learn more and more from your videos. I haven't done too much mixed media myself but absolutely love playing! I'm a papercrafter, quilter and dollmaker but this art world is so tantalizing. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful work.


  70. I subscribe on YouTube because it's so much fun to watch you create, You keep going long after I would have stopped and all your work is fabulous. Oh, I'd love to win this piece! I really like the pieces you make that just keep going and going. And I'm addicted to the tune you play on your videos. I never get tired of hearing it - it's so happy!

  71. I "discovered" your "Patchwork Tag" video when I was looking for inspiration on Enamel Accents - because I found them a bit rubbish. And I spent several days watching all your videos... Never regretted that... At that time, you were moving to U-stream and I moved with you - and met a lot of creative people there, started art journalling (and spending a lot of money on paints and other stuff) - so, it is all your fault (LOL).
    I'd watch anything you do, but... I prefer "talking" videos. I know from my experience that it's so much easier to fast-forward your recordings, but I really love listening to your English. And I miss your haul videos!

  72. Hi Rachel. I am delighted with their new video. I subscribed for quite some time with their videos You tube because it was a revelation to see his wonderful technique and art step by step, as you taught us in each of the videos. I like them all, but "elements of Magic" amazes me. Also this great collection of Art Journal pages last year is awesome.
    It would be an honor to win this beautiful canvas of an artist I admire and respect deeply. Thank you. Isabel.

  73. Hi Rachel, really nice canvas, love the colors! I subscribed to your channel because of the different techniques you use. I really like your mixed media art journals, love the way every page is totally different! Show us, whatever you create, I think all is worth sharing with us :)
    Thanks Franzi

  74. I've been a subscriber for a long time. Your channel was one of the first I subscribed to. I'm always trying to learn new techniques and new ways of working with all my supplies, and you inspire me to do that.
    I can't pick a favorite video...they're all wonderful. But I'm a huge mixed media fan and I also love all your Halloween projects.
    I would love to see a lot more videos from you. With two kids, I usually don't have the luxury of sitting down and enjoying one of your Ustream shows.
    I love to watch your projects come together. Your layering techniques are amazing. Just when I think your done, you add something else....and it always works!
    Winning one of your original pieces would be a real joy!! Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  75. Heyho, Rachel! Fairies in the Garden is exquisite. I found your channel some time back via a youtube search for egg decorating tutorials. I loved your Mixed Media Easter Egg and subscribed immediately. One of my favorites is the Shabby Chic Fabric Canvas - I had a lot of lacy bits and no idea what to do with them. Inspiration! Also really like the Vintage Banner; I teach crafting classes at the library and just happened to be doing banners when I discovered that video. Bottom line: mixed media was always mysterious (how do they DO that?) but it became much more accessible for me after seeing how you create your lovely work. So.Many.Layers. Thank you!

  76. I subcribed to your channel because I've never really looked in to mixed media art before and I just love the way you use various medias and all the styles of art you make. My favorite video would be the steampunk tag! :)

    I would love to see more tags, the assemblage style arts, and anything with clays and little trinkets.

    Because of watching your videos I'm slowly starting to make some of my own. I'm a crafty type of person and this is just a new and fun craft to do. I mostly sew so being hands on with paints and what not is super fun. And keep making more videos we all love them!

  77. HI Rachel! Congrays on 30 000 subbies wow! you deserve them all you're so talented.

    1. I subscribe to your channel because you make the most amazing things! I love watching you create. My fav video is the halloween mixed media canvas you made with the skeleton and the gate, that was the first video of your I watched.
    2. I subscribe to you for your art journal pages, canvas, and mixed media work
    3. My name is Serena I make art journal pages along with other stuff my YT channel is would be cool if you checked me out!
    I really hope you continue sharing your art in videos I love watching them!

    thanks for the chance to win some of your art!


  78. Beautiful art!
    1. I subscribe to your channel because I love learning from the techniques you use, and getting inspiration. I enjoy working with mixed media, and you often have found products I have never heard of before! I also like the format of your videos with just the charming music. I have to say this painting is one of my favorites so far!
    2. Oh heavens, it is all good - I like the canvas work and 3D altered stuff best.
    3. I have often wondered what your crafting room looks like, as you always seem to have so many supplies! What is your source of inspiration?

  79. Rachel, I have been a subscriber of your YT channel for a long time and enjoy each and everyone of your videos. I watch because I am fascinated and love to learn new techniques. If I had to pick one of my favorites, it would be the Halloween Gothic canvas, I love that! I would love to see more mixed media because I am just starting to dabble in it and would enjoy seeing more of that type of projects but honestly, I really like all your artwork, tfs and hugz

  80. Rachel, Your creation is s gift to my eyes. You are so talented and creative! Some of your creation has been an inspiration for me.I love mixed media. But to be honest all your work in awesome! I would love to win this one because it have every thing I love, fairies, garden, glitter, paints ... keep working and creating magic! Thank you!

  81. First, CONGRATULATIONS on 30,000 subbies, that is truly amazing, but not unbelievable due to the fact you are an amazing artist!!! I was so very excited to see a new video from you. I started into mixed media about a year ago and you were one of the first channels I found on YouTube and just fell in love with your work... I subscribed to your channel, because I found so much inspiration in your work and wanted to do my own version (cause I loved your work so much and did do my own version a couple times!!! Lol!!!). It is so hard to pick just one video of yours to be my favorite, but I think it is, the Art Journal page - Life on Hold... I did a version if that page in my own journal and I love it!!! :) I also really like the video, Mixed Media Art - French Connection, the painting you did on that is truly, truly amazing! I would love to see you do more of your mixed media work... I love watching you do mixed media and also getting inspiration from it!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your work and doing the art you do!!! Also, thank you so much for this chance to win a piece of your art!!! I would seriously be the happiest person if I won, I honestly mean that!!! Its probably hard for you to understand why someone would be so excited for this opportunity, its because you truly are an amazing artist (I know I've said that a few times now, lol, but its because you really are!)!!! I would love to one day be as talented as you with mixed media art!!! I really really hope to see more videos/tutorials from you in the future, that would be SO amazing!!! :)
    And, again thank you so much for thus wonderful opportunity to win!!!
    Hugs -

    1. its great to see you back with a new video! I love this piece so much! I remember the first day I saw you on YouTube. I was amazed with your work that I literally watched all your videos in a day. I was so inspired to try altered art. I would love to see more canvas work, but really would just love to see your work more often. whatever it'd be. I just did a mix media piece for my nieces. its two canvases that is one scenes. my background was inspired by the painting you did with the 3 girls. I should send you a picture of it. I've come a long way with my paintings thanks to you! :)

  82. I subcribed a while ago to your channel, I was looking for mixed media ideas.
    You are so talented and your videos are fab. I love your video zbout the altered dominos and the canvas with the faux metal look thing ;-))
    I think I saw all your videos and some of them more then onces,you learned me already a lot and nrw products. For the future I like a lot, altering things, mixed media.
    Thanks for all your inspiration and I hope you will make a lot more videos.
    And congrats on all your subbies deserve them all.

    Big hugs,

  83. Wow! Lovely, layered canvas. So much detail to watch, so many layers building up. Stunning.

    I "found" your vids via Nancie's Vamp Stamp News emag - in particular, your doodling one. That was about two months ago, and oh my gosh, has my mojo returned in a big, and different, way since seeing your videos! My credit card has taken a wallop, but the happiness factor has rocketed!

    My favourite videos are currently the art journal pages, as I have begun one myself. I had been wanting to do one for a couple of years, but was too scared to begin, till I saw your stuff! It has been an eye opener, the way you keep going and going on a page, long after I would have thought "that's the end" and finally bring your piece to a totally inspired result.

    Winning this piece would be better than winning Lotto!

    Thanks for sharing your talent with us all, Rachel.

  84. Hey Rachel!

    1.The reason why I had subscribed to your channel is because, I love all the artwork you do, the style, the medium, the music and I just love watching the process! There are many of your videos that I love, however if I were to choose just one it would be "Art Journal page - Life On Hold ".

    2.I would like to see more clay work, but I love seeing your 3D art.. I just love the Mixed Media Art!

    3.I would be so honored to receive any piece of art from you! I would love to create a piece of art as great as your one day. I am slowly improving my mixed media art while trying to higher my education to become a Doctor, you keep inspiring me to start a new project. Congratulations on 30,000 subscribers! I look forward to watching more of your future videos. :]

  85. 1. I subscribe to your channel because the pieces you create are simply amazing. Every time I watch your videos, half way through I think to myself "What more could she add? It already looks fantastic" then then you add something to make it look even more amazing. It's never a dull moment watching you create. My favourite videos you've done are Gothic Halloween and Steampunk Dragonflies.
    2. I really love the Mixed Media Canvases and the Altered 3D Art.
    3. I am an art student (painter) and have been thinking about getting into mixed media myself. I find your videos very inspiring. Whenever I do try mixed media, it will be your tips and tricks that I will consider. :)
    Keep creating beautiful art pieces.
    Thank you so much!!

  86. Well this is the second time I have tried to post a comment, Google is palying me up at the moment.

    A shortened version of my original post....

    1. I am so glad to see you back on YT, you have been sorely missed.
    2. I descovered you completely by accident, a very happy accident, while looking to get my creative juices flowing. You breached the dam!
    3. A fovourite video, that is a tough one, The Mask was awesome and the Metalwork one was a revelation to me.
    4. I love your mixed media work so please keep on keeping on.
    5. I would love to win your canvas, but will be happy just to enjoy your videos now and in the future.

    Thank you for coming back.

    Best Wishes Always


  87. I subscribed to your channel because I love mixed media projects. One of my favorite video is the one with the lady bug. For the videos, I would like to see 3D art and canvases. I think your videos are very inspiring. I try to do a little something every day or at least a few times each week. I love projects with a lot of textures and vibrant colors. In my art I have more dark colors but I try to do softer colors. Congrats on your 30,000 subbies. Thanks for the chance, Johanne L. (jolac46)

  88. I enjoy all you video, and have learned so much from them. I love it when you create tags or ATC's. ATC's I prefer more. How about teaching some more on UStream or on Youtube. I enjoy watching you create one of your master pieces.

  89. I love the canvas you did with the Dragonfly, it was in greens and blues. I enjoy all your vids whether they are mixed media or art journalists. I like to try everything so I don't have one style. I just want more vids from you! Lol Thanks! Lori

  90. Rachel, your work is AMAZING!!
    1. I was looking for something with steampunk and came across the dragonfly video. I was hooked from that moment on. That was my favorite until this one!
    2. Love anything mixed media, especially on canvas.
    3. Your work is so inspirational. I belong to a mixed media group and when I have a creative block, I rewatch your videos to get back on track.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  91. Hi -

    Oh my gosh, I love the fairies piece so much! I subscribe to your channel because I'm a new artist and I really enjoy learning from your techniques. My husband is the real artist; I was always told throughout school that I didn't have any artistic ability: baloney! I love to make mixed media pieces and I'd love it if you could do some clay work videos. Clay is my first love and I've recently started working with canvas pieces and I love, love, love working with UTEE. Anyway, thanks for this awesome give-away. I'd take really good care of the fairy for you! ;-)


  92. 1.
    I have subscribed to your channel because I watched your 'Don't put your life on hold to watch someone else live their dreams' video and loved the page you made. I found it inspiring and hadn't thought to create a journal of art rather than just writing before. I have never mastered traditional art mediums such as drawing etc. but do appreciate art. I came to the conclusion at school that art was something I could not do. Watching your 'life on hold' video and 'the fairies in the garden' video and your use of stencils, sponges and various other materials have encouraged me to rethink my ability to create art. So I might just try creating some artwork of my own. Thank you.

    Hard to choose a favourite video as I've only watched two so far and enjoyed both.

    2. I would you like to see more of journal art pages, mixed medium canvases and art cards videos.

    I am Littlemisshuggable on YouTube.

  93. 1. Why do you subscribe to my channel & what is your favourite video?

    I subscribe to your channel because I think you are an absolute amazing artist. I've been following you for over a year at least. You were the first person I saw on YouTube that introduced me to art journaling and mixed media, and I absolutely love you for that. I love watching all your UStream videos and reading your blog. You are such an inspiration.

    My favorite video of yours would have to be the Altered Bottle with the faces, it reminds me of old willow trees (esp from like Pocahontas). I could watch it over and over again. Such an amazing piece.

    2. What type of video would you like to see more of, for example drawing & painting, altered 3D art, clay work, canvases, tags, art cards, etc etc - you can list a style, medium or type of art.

    I love seeing all your work. I am such a big fan of yours that literally I would love to see anything and everything you do. My favorite pieces are your art journals and the altered art, but really anything you make a video of, I would love to watch. I would also love to see more UStreams from you as well.

    3. Anything else you want to add about yourself, your art or my videos

    Nope, just that you are an inspiration and I hope to be half as good as you are one day. You are an amazing person and a lovely mentor in arts.

  94. I have been keeping up with you for a couple of years. I love your work. I would like to see more clay, I have just gotten into that, and am struggling. Congrats on on 3000 subbies. Hugs Jackie

  95. I am a subbie of yours since I am obsessed with mixed media art plus I think that your art is very unique. I find your videos very interesting to watch. I love all of them. My favorites are the ones where I get to watch you paint. I would love to see more of your art videos in the future, especially the ones where you pretty much show the entire creation process. I am a mixed media artist as well. I think my art is a bit strange. I'm currently exploring dimension while also creating pieces inspired by/involving faeries. You can find out more about me/my art at: and
    I would feel like the luckiest person in the universe if I won your painting. Thanks for the opportunity! Wendy

  96. 1: i subscribe to your channel because i find multi-media art really cool. i also subscribe because i really enjoy the artwork you make and constantly wish i could have one of the pieces you make. this one i think is my favorite, but i love ALL of them.
    2: i really enjoy your altered 3-d art videos (or whatever one this is)and really hope you make more!
    3: i'm Rachel, i like to fancy myself an artist, but i'm really not in comparison to you or some of my other friends. your amazing work inspires me to try and work harder. thank you for making these videos i really like them.
    sorry if this sounds cheesy
    -another Rachel

  97. The reason why I subscribed to your channel is because I love watching you do mixed media. Using different techniques, colors and product to create beautiful art pieces.

    My favorite video would have to be the fairy one that I just watched. Loved the colors that were used and I have always loved fairies ever since I was a little girl.

    I would love to see some clay work used on your canvas, more 3D mixed medias.

    When I was growing up, art was my favorite class in school, I didn't have very much friends, but drawing and shading really kept me happy.

    Thank you so much for sharing your work, looking forward to more videos from you and congratulations on your 30,000 subs.

  98. 1) Congrats on 30,000 subbies... though I am not surprised !!! I initially subscribed because I love mixed media and your creative process. I all time favorite video is the unbrella man canvas. I have watched it so many times and never grow tired of it.
    2) I would luv to see more mixed media on canvas & lg journal tags.
    3) I am always mesmerized by your process videos and luv to watch you create something awesome out of a blank white canvas. Your imagination is amazing !!! TFS... Maria

  99. Why do you subscribe to my channel & what is your favourite video?
    1. I sub because your videos are short, clear, and full of info. I like that you do them in time lapse of the full process. I have several but the 1st to pop to mind is steampunk dragonflies. Mostly because of the sheer number of layers and texture.
    2. What type of video would you like to see more of?
    3d pieces would be cool, even a mix of canvas and relief. How about more clay..or plaster. As for style industrial or masculine.
    3. Watching you utilize the same products as me is truly inspiring. I get to see the the potential just waiting to be unleashed.thanks for taking so much time to do the videos.

  100. oh Rachel you absolutely inspire me! That's why I watch, You are an amazing artist! I love all your videos but I really enjoyed your seven part series on mixed media portrait. I love to see your canvases, textures and uses of mediums... I have learned so much from you not only techniques but ideas, paints, mediums, and drawings.

    Thank you so very much for your inspiration.

  101. Hi Rach, I have been watching your videos since you began. I have never subbed anyone before or left a comment (I am still not sure I am doing this correctly). You are such a talented lady. I love all your work ... I guess if I had to pick a favourite it would be the steampunk dragonflies (although I also love the painting you did with the spiders coming out of the upturned umbrella). As you can probably tell, your mixed media canvasses are what I would like to see more of, although anything you create is inspirational. I love watching you work more than any other artist, so glad you made another video, I have been checking back almost daily! It was really worth the wait. Thank you. You bring so much creative joy, Vicki.

  102. I subscribe to your YT channel and blog as you are the most inspiring and informing artist around! When I googled mixed media art, yours was the first vid I watched, and the ones I return to over and over.
    Particular favourites are - 'Gothic Halloween, Steampunk tag,the Altered Mask',and journal pages 'Elements of Magic and Home is Where the Heart is'.

    I enjoy all the various styles you show, and really enjoy watching you create.
    Happy crafting!


  103. Congratulations on your 30,000 subscribers! I am a young art student and i love to watch your videos and subscribed because you inspire me to make art like you!Also by watching your videos you have taught me so much! I love to watch your videos over and over again, and share them with my family. I am fascinated by the way you create art. There are so many amazing videos, I don’t know how I can choose! Probably my favorite video would be the first video I ever watched of yours, the one in the art journal titled “life on hold.” It showed me a whole new technique of art journalism. I had a go of using your techniques that you used to make yours and I enjoyed it a lot! I loved how you used the charcoal to out line the hearts like a shadow and how you choose such inspirational sayings. I am still young and haven’t found my own style yet, but you have shown me a whole new style that I just love!

    The type of video I would like to see more of would have to be, mixed mediums, I love when you combined different mediums and make a master piece! Your mixed medium videos have showed me how to use and match up different mediums. I would love to see you use more textured past, I love that stuff! I haven’t had much opportunity to use it in my own art work but I would love to see different ways on how you use it.

    I have longed to own a art piece of yours! I love to collect other peoples art, it inspires me and I love to learn from it, their techniques and how they apply mediums! Thank you for sharing your work, uploading videos and making them. It would be a big privilege if I won this masterpiece! I would be the most happiest,excited flabbergasted person (young artist) in the world if I won this artwork. I would display it in my room on a little stand and show everyone who comes in my room how amazing it is! I hope to one day be an amazing and talented artist like you!

    From Shanina

    P.S I am using my brothers account, but you can still contact me through his account.:)

  104. Hi Rach

    I subscribed only a few months ago when I was searching for art journalling techniques and dance in the rain was highlighted, to which I instantly fell in love with and has become my favourite. I would like to see more of anything you do as it all inspires me to go and create things that I wouldn't normally feel I have the ability to attempt.
    I have picked up so many tips from you which has took my work from ooh to ahh, lol.

    Thank you for all your tips and keep those creative juices flowing.

    Sam x

  105. Dear Rach

    I absolutely love your videos! I first subscribed after watching one video about a year ago. I was studying mixed media, and honestly, your works were the most beautiful ones I found during my research. Your artworks have inspired me with creating my own art, and encouraged me to keep trying new techniques out, and experimenting with different types of media. I love watching all of your videos, but two of the pieces you created that I really loved were the Mixed Media Art Canvas - Gothic Halloween, and the Mixed Media Art Card - Home Is Where The Heart Is. I loved both of these videos and if I had to lower it down, it would be these as my favourites. I love how your start out with something blank, and turn it into these wonderful creations. I would love to see more videos of mixed media pieces, especially canvases.

    Thank you for inspiring me with my own art!


  106. Hi Rach
    I subscribed having stumbled across your videos. I was transfixed and have watched them all. I especially like the way you show the materials and process. I hadn't done any art and had no concept about the way images are created or with what! I have learned so much and I'll watch anything you upload. I think I want to watch where your joy takes you.
    Congratulations on 30, 000.
    Thanks, Hazel

  107. Hi and congratulations for 30K subscribers!

    I want to take a part in your draw so I'll leave you my comment:

    1. I subscribed your channel because I was (still am!) amazed by your work. I just can't understand how creative one can be and how many different kind of crafting equipments there are! My favourite video... Tough to choose but let's say "Steampunk Dragonflies" because that's what got my eyes first. :)
    2. Altered 3D art and canvases are my favourites do I'd like to see more of those in the future.
    3. I'll just send you greetings from Finland and wish you a wonderful weekend! :)

  108. I'm not how long I've been subscribing-but I fell in love with mixed media and you tube about a year ago. By far todays piece on the fairies in the garden is one of my favs. I'm getting ready to do one right now with products I have! Thanks for the inspiration. That's why I follow-inspiration, seeing different products used & how they look. I would love to see more mixed media.

    Would LOVE to have you visit my blog to see mine too.

    Congrats on the many subscribers! You deserve it!

  109. 1. I subscribe to your channel because I love your work and you as a person. Being a part of the Ustream community is fantastic, we have met so many talented artist and life long friends, whom you of course are one of :) My favourite video is actually the Mixed Media Portrait series. Love it!
    2. Canvases but honestly I would be happy with anything! Miss your flood of new vidoes :)
    3. Your videos are inspiring. Whenever I have a art block I sit on YouTube and go back through old videos, including yours! LOVE!

    Congrats on the thousands of subbies! Just Amazing, but totally not surprised ;)

    Take Care,

  110. It is so good to see you back! I loved all of your videos. The one with the glue and alcohol ink tags really inspired me. Your technique videos, your art journal pages...all of it is wonderful. I would love to win this beautiful blingy canvas for my fairy-loving niece who is moving to the US from AUS and will have a new garden to populate with fairies! Thanks for the chance.

  111. I was overjoyed to see your video in my YT subscription list yesterday and of course, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I subscribe to you because I absolutely love your style and the variety of different art you create. My fave video is the Mixed Media portrait (the 7-parter) from a couple of years ago. I would love to see more mixed media coupled with drawing, but honestly anything that you produce is fine by me. I go back to your videos time and time again when I'm in a slump and need inspiration. Congrats on youe 30k subbies and I must check out your Ustream. I didn't realize you were on there. OMG, what have I missed???

  112. Hi Rachel,

    1. I subscribed to your channel originally because I loved your style and I learned a lot from you. Your use of different products etc, really helped me understand how to use them. I have several favorite videos, but most recently I have liked the ATC book... hint, hint, and the retrospectives of your journal pages.

    2. I really like your tutorials, where you are talking and showing how to do something. I would also love you to show your cards, as they are fabulous! But honestly, I love them all, and I truly appreciate the time it takes for you to do them. I am always so happy when you post a new video.

    I just wanted to say, I am so proud and happy for you to have achieved this milestone, and I am also very happy to call you my dear friend.

    All the very best,

  113. I subscribe to your channel because you are my favorite! Love, love, love your innovative and amazing videos. They are all truly wonderful - I think I've watched your journal flips and "Home is where the heart is" videos a million times.

    One of the many reasons I enjoy your channel is the variety. Trying new mediums, styles, and projects is so fun and you are such an inspiration.

    It takes a lot of time to blog, video, photograph and post and I appreciate that you have done that for all 30,000 of us! Thank you for sharing Rachel - you are the best! akaasmart1

  114. I subscribe to your channel because it is educational, inspiring and I love seeing you at work, creating art. I also love the background music and seeing how you use different products - I feel that I have learned so much watching you! My favorite video has to be the Steampunk Dragonflies. I think I have viewed it 5-6 times and always see something inspirational.

    I especially like seeing your multi-medium art canvases. The texture and dimension are just "eye-popping!" I also enjoy your journal pages - the themes are especially meaningful.

    Just keep the creativity coming! I look forward to seeing anything and everything you do and find that I always learn something new each time I check your blog or watch your Utube tutorials. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO!

  115. What drew me to your YouTube Channel was Life On Hold art journal page and Elements of Magic for starters.

    I really enjoy your drawing and painting. I also like altered art, clay work, canvases, tags because I like to do them myself or want to try new things. I would like to see some art cards, plus more art journal techniques.

    I also would like to know how you decide how much to charge for your art. In the past I have felt my art, time and supplies are worth more than people want to pay. May be I want too much, but mostly I think people want me to give it to them at little to no cost to them. Now I only create for myself or to give as gifts.

    I loved watching you create Fairies in the Garden, makes me need to make something right away! You are very talented and a joy to watch. Thank you for sharing and for a chance in your giveaway.

  116. I have been following you for a couple of months. I loved watching the gothic halloween tag. Omg I wish I could remake that one!! I love faries and tjis canvas is beautiful. I love to watch the mixed media things you do. I am not that new to crafting but mixed media gives me the willies. Lol. Thank you for this opportunity. Please keep creating and sharing it with us. Hugsss

  117. Hello Rach, Thanks for sharing your latest mixed media canvas with the fairy in the garden. I really enjoyed watching on youtube, where I just found you,and immediately subscribed. Since it's is my first to watch of yours, It's my favorite, haha. I love the way you use your myriad of products and I would love to see more of anything you do. Kind regards, Noelle
    Contact information: or

  118. My favourite video to date is Elements of Magic, but I have to say that all the videos you've done have been fantastic. I really enjoy the various mixed media that you use, and if I can be half as good as you, I'd be very happy. Please continue to be creative, carry on uploading your videos, let your imagination run free. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  119. Rach, Thanks so much for the awesome vids! Congrats on the BIG 3 0 too!
    1. I'm a FAN, Rach! I loved watching this Fairy Vid, it is most excellent!
    2. I love any mixed media, am loving the canvases and especially steampunk/vintage designs.
    3. Love the music that you used in the Fairy vid too. Very cool presentation, and as we all know, "Presentation is Everything"!
    Happy 30th, my Artsy Friend, Kare St.Clair aka Queen City Arts Kare

  120. The firts time I have seen your work, it was with your steampunk mask. I suscribed to your channel juste because of the music ! It's a joke. You have great ideas, and the videos give details on the materials used and the technics.
    My favourite video (I watched it several times)is the one with steampunk dragonflies, because I love mixed media, how to make a great art with little things !
    Thank you for these instants of happiness...


  121. Been a fan of your videos for ages Rach, you're my inspiration for mixed media. I would like to see more art journal pages and your recommendations on products you like and that work well. Ypu're a true inspiration, don't ever give up!

  122. Hello, I am subscribed to your channel because you always inspire me to try something new. I love seeing everything you do, but my favorites are your art journal pages. My favorite video you did was the Halloween project where you filled the jars with "blood" and dripped it down the tops of the piece. I don't remember the name of the video, but it really sticks out in my mind. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your video's. Congrats on reaching 30,000 subbies! JIL

  123. Hi :) I subscribed to your video beause I love your work, and how you show it all the way from the beginning :) I just love mixed media art canvas - Steampunk Dragonflies. I have wathced it over and over again - it made me get interested in trying to do some mixed media Art - :) but where I live we dont have so much nice craft things in the stores.. but I will keep my eyes open :)

    I would love to see more of such - mixed media art canvas :) I am living in Iceland and it is new to me :) I used to make crafts a lot but havent done much of it lately but I am planning on trying to do some mixed media art :) I realy hope to win this canvas it would be so great on my wall and so much inspiration to me :) Thanks for sharing :) bye Loa :)

  124. 1. I <3 <3 your art! :D

    2. Canvas, altered art,art journaling drawing,...ummmm all of it!:)

    3. Anything else you want to add about yourself, your art or my videos. Congrats on your big milestone! Can't wait to see more videos from you! :D

  125. I am so happy to see you back! yours are the only videos I will watch over and over again- I love watching your process- always inspiring to see what you do and the way you use product, start to finish is a nice way to see how you work your magic- and yours is the best music out there!
    My favorite is the dragonfly canvas in the blues and greens- but I really like the row of houses too.
    I would always like to see altered canvases- but anything you do is so creative.
    i would love to let thhat fairy dance in my house!

  126. Hello Rachel,

    Truly lovely video! I hope to see more new videos by you soon! I would love to see videos on 3D assemblage art, canvases, and art cards!

    My favorite video of yours is the assemblage trays that are put into a 3 part video. Truly inspiring! Thank you.

  127. hi Rachel awesome that they is a new video, absolutely smashing.
    The reason I subscribed to your channel on youtube and ustream is that i find your work truly inspiring and your work is very special and unique. Love all the materials your using.
    It;s almost impossible to mention just one favorite video, but I really love your art journal pages like dance in the rain and life is fragile or altered art pieces like mixed media canvas gothic halloween or gothic halloween altered slide mailer. More of these fabulous projects would be fabulous.

    Before i saw your work I never heard of art journalling before and now I don't know how to life without it....thx for being my muse

  128. Hi Rach, the reason watch your channel is simple, I truly love to watch you creating magic with your art. This is so my time to relax, before bed and then I get to have wonderful dreams of happy positive ideas. Being creative is what I live for, even if thats showing my 2 year old grandson how to bake a cake.
    Mixed media has always been a truly creative art it covers so many area's and anyone can feel good about doing it.
    Your Hallooween in the grave yard is right up at the top of the AWESOME list. You dont make it easy as I can honestly say not one of them I've watched I didnt either learn something new or just wanted to get out and try them.
    I was so excited to see your post tonight I had to show you to my daughter!
    If I had one wish it would be for you to continue sharing what you love and share with all of us ... your fans!
    hugz Deb

  129. Hi Rachel,
    I came across your channel last year when I was looking for some inspiration about mixed meadia.I watched all your videos and I was(am) impressed.I love the videos of metal art, I tried them out and it worked.Mostly I fail, but I don't care because I'm having a lot of fun anyway.Your vids and tutorials are great, is there any chance to watch your vid"It started with a shoebox" again? I miss it and it watch so much fun listening to it.


  130. I subscribe to your channel for the sheer joy of watching you create. It's like a vacation in a magical place. Each one of your videos is my favorite in turn as I watch it. I love this 3D piece, and would like to see more, but I also love your drawing and painting.

    You've really inspired me, at the age of 52, to get out my art supplies and start creating again. I had lost touch with the part of me who loves to draw and thanks in part to you, I am rediscovering it now. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  131. Hi Rach, I subscribe to your channel because I fell in love with your style of artwork. It is such an inspiration for me. How can I possibly pick a favorite video of yours - I love them all! The one that inspired me to try and duplicate it was your Shabby Chic Fabric Canvas. I collect laces, trims and vintage images so that piece really spoke to me.

    I would love to see more of your mixed media canvases and journal pages.

    I'm still trying to find my way in the creative world. I've dabbled in a little bit of everything over the years like scrapbooking, card making, stained glass, altered art, polymer clay, and jewelry making, but haven't seemed to land on a true passion yet. Maybe that's why I'm so drawn to your work. You have such a wide array of creative talents in your arsenal. It would be a true honor to win one of your pieces.

  132. Hi, I watch your channel for many reasons - your style is inspirational because you use things I would normally shy away from, my own choice in colours seems to match yours, I haven't tried mixed media yet, my hobby is making cards but I'd love to use some of the same techniques if I could branch out into using paint (too scared of making brown!) BTW the music you play on your videos takes me back to childhood memories and Hungarian music at weddings. I can't choose a favourite video, they're all lovely. I'd be very interested in seeing you make art cards, that would help me combine my work with your ideas. I'd love to win the canvas but if I don't I'll still keep watching, as your channel always makes me smile.
    Take care, Kim

  133. Good morning Rach, I first found your YT channel when I was surfing for journal inspiration. You inspired me to take the art supplies I already had an stretch my imagination. I stayed and subscribed to your channel because you are fearless when it comes to your art. Your channel offers versatility in all mixed media forms so I wouldn't change a thing or try and channel your inner muse. Just keep up what you are doing the way you do it. If you're looking for inspiration (and let's face it we all need that sometimes), I love when you feature your altered, mixed media art. By the way, this piece would be a blast to win.

  134. Rach, I found your youtube channel because of Fiona (jennings644). I absolutely love your mixed media videos... and so look forward to each one you post. My favourite was the Triptych one... until you did this fairy one.. now it's my new favourite! I have done several mixed media canvases and altered projects now, thanks to you and Fiona... but don't have a set up to film them, nor the courage to do so :)... maybe soon. Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration.

  135. If I have to pick one it would be elements of magic. I really liove them all! I started watching your videos just recently as I was just getting into mixed media and fell in love with your art.
    I would be happy with whatever you felt like making. Doing different things gives people lots of ways to do mixed media.
    I have learned so much from you that I just want to say Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent.
    I dont even need to be in the drawing.just very happy you are back and shared some of your art with us.

  136. I love your journal page life on hold...if I had to choose a favorite. I think the journal pages are my favorite. I like all your work. I am a newer subscriber. I was looking for some crafting ideas. I liked just the picture that was attached to your video. I was hooked from that point on. I think I would like to try journaling pages. I hope I win got a perfect place to showcase your art.

  137. Hi Rachel, it was so wonderful to see one of your video's again, I really missed you! In all honousty, you are making it very difficult having me pick my favourite video; there are so many inspiring video's and I used lots of them as an inspiration for a page I made. Funnily enough, my pages always turn out totally different in the end. I used you owl page (which isn't a video but in a video about your 2011 pages. Wanna see how mine turned out, go here.... And then there was Marie Antoinette....
    Anyhow, you want an answer right? In that case my favourite is the one where you make the mixed media book cover with that black clay and all the steampunk metal components. I', currently altering an old English dictionary, and when I'm done with it, that's what I want to do with the outside. Sorry about me rambling on, please make more video's if you can find the time, love love love them! Hugs Frea

  138. I subscribe because I love your artwork, and your videos are very well done and enjoyable to watch.
    My favorites are mini-books, mail art, art journaling and mixed media canvas.
    What do I want to see more of? Everything you do!
    Watching you work inspires me, gives me ideas and teaches me to use product that I never would have thought of using.

  139. Hello Rachel, Thank you for the new video, the piece is lovely!! I have only been a subscriber for a short time because I'm not really a computer person, so when my daughter told me that if I subscribed to a channel it would let me know each time a new video was uploaded I had to subscribe to your channel so I wouldn't miss a thing. I subscribe to your channel for inspiration! All of your work is wonderful, and I like that you do all types of art because I also dabble in many different mediums, so no matter what you are teaching us I want to go right out and try. My favorite piece is your altered mask, but it is hard to say favorite, as all of your work is so wonderful. I would love to see any kind of new video from you, it is to hard to pick one style of video that I like better that any other. Just create what your heart wants to create and I am sure all of your subbies will love the video. I have been an artist for as long as I can remember, and when I have an artistic block, I know I can watch one of your videos and the yearning to create becomes so strong that the block just disappears and I loose myself in a new project.

    Thank You for giving a little piece of yourself in each of your videos, so that others can enjoy and be inspired!!!! Most Sincerely, aj

  140. I love watching you create. It calms me and I do learn alot form watching you. I can not pick a favorite becaue I have loved everything you have done. Anything you are willing to record as far as clay drawing etc. I will watch and I am sure will learn something from. Your art inspires me. I do know a little girl who would love this hanging on her wall. If I do win this one is mine but I will create something along these lines to surprise her with. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  141. Hi Rachel, I first found your youtube channel by surfing for haul videos (I wanted to see what was available in mixed media, what products are the best, and how they can be used). I have been following you for a while now, but just recently subscribed (I think I'm subscribed; I thought I was before but NOT... oh well!)I love most all of your projects, but especially cards and ATCs. I find your mixed media canvases to be unique and creative, well thought out (some others all look alike, and that is like paint and things have been slapped onto the canvas without rhyme or reason). I love Halloween, so I love your gothic, Halloween projects fun and weird in a good way. I also love nature (fireflies, birds and butterflies)as well as fantasy (like fairies and mermaids). Your style is so bold and thought provoking; you inspire many of us to take the art products we own out of the closets, drawers and cabinets were we store them and use them to create! TFS with all of us!! Gail

  142. Hi Rach,

    I love your canvas. So amazing!!! I first found your YT channel from hearing about it from the gals on USteam and Twitter.
    You inspire me to create something beautiful. You make me feel like I can do it. I sometimes feel afraid to try something new...for fear of failing. But you are one of the gals that teach me it's OK. To try and fail is better than not trying at all.
    I enjoy your mixed media art. I also like watching something go from start to finish. I enjoy the process. I like all types of anything goes for me.
    Thank your sharing your talent with us. You are a blessing.
    I love fairies and butterflies. This would be amazing to win.

  143. Hi Rachel

    I subscribe because I love your art and your lovely personality (when you talk!)

    Like all the videos but really love the mixed media canvases and your technique videos

    I do own a little of your art (4x4 Nature chunky book via UK swap group) but would love this piece! I think you should carry on in just the same way but more often :-))

    Congrats on 30,000 - amazing and well deserved

  144. Hi! My favorite video is the Gothic Halloween canvas, because it was the video I came across that led me to your channel. I love what you share the most now, the art journaling/mixed media, and I would love to see more of that with the process videos and what products are being used. A flip-through of your most recent art journaling would be fabulous too! Thanks so much for the inspiration! :) hugs, Kimberly

  145. When I saw you posted a new video on Friday, I was thrilled and could not wait to watch it. As always , it is amazing! You truly inspire me.

    I subscribe to your site because you cover all types of art, from tags and scrapbooking to canvas and all varieties of mixed media. You just seem to be able to make anything come to life.
    Having to choose a video is difficult because they are all favorites, but to choose one it would be Steampunk Dragonflies. The texture and dimension of the clay and gears, the drippage,and I love the way you incorporated the chains for movement. I look forward to each, and every video as each one can be used to make scrapbook pages, canvases, art journal pages, etc..
    I started as a scrapbooker, and stamper, and now have incorporated all types of mixed media and art journaling. I just love to craft and I look forward to the day when I can retire and play all day!

  146. Hi Rach I love all you do especially the decorated egg mixed media. I was ill for 6 months at home and found your utbes very inspireing and it has set me off on my own arty path.I love the music on the vids tooI have missed getting an arty fix from you.Please do some more mixed media and textured paste.I also love the dragonfly punk style you did.Keep em coming please.I would be proud to own one of your peices especially this one.

  147. Hi rach.
    I have been following your work for ages. I love each week when your videos pop up on my email and I can make a cuppa and watch what you have created.
    I loved the halloween one with the umbrella man from Tim HOltz.
    Keep up the art journaling and mixed media, you are an inspiration to all of us journal junkies!

  148. I love how the canvas turned out. I have to say I was a little skeptical about the poppy stencils but I love how they turned out.

    I subscribe to you video because I like watching the mixed media projects. My favorite video so far is your bandana technique video. I also like the life on hold art journal page. I'd love to see more art journaling or mixed media canvases.

  149. Ive always loved your channel, and am super excited when ever you post a new video of your work. Id be blessed and honored to win this and be able to say I have a OOAK art from you ^^

    I subbed to you because I love your mix media work, one of my many favorite videos from you is the Steampunk Tag, any of your creations including steampunk are my favorite ^^ Id LOVE to see more mix media, and more art journal pages :3

  150. I subscribe to your channel because you inspire me so much! I love when I see that a new video has popped up and immediately watch it...usually more than once. I love watching you work in your art journal and love all the different techniques etc such as in the Life on Hold video.
    Any type of creating by you is music to my ears and I love it so but I would love to see more tags as that is what I am starting to incorporate in my artsy times :)
    Thanks sooo much for inspiring me and countless other youtubers....congrats on the 30 grand subbies and here is to 30 grand more!!

  151. Hi, I love your channel! I am new to mixed media and always learn something from you. I love the steampunk dragonfly video and this garden fairy one as well. IHard to pick a favourite as I realyy do like all I have seen. have learned so much about colour and love your layouts. The variety of videos is awesome and very inspiring. Given my new interest in mixed media, I would love more of those! Thank you so much and congratulations on reaching 30,000 subscribers.

  152. I watch them because your art is extremely inspiring and your very good. I think my absolute favorite is the dragonfly canvas simply because it was one of the ones that looks like stuff i want to learn to do also the fabric canvas. I would love more paintings and mixed media things

  153. I subscribed to your channel because though I do not do mixed media myself, I love watching individuals who do it. I don't feel I have the creativity to get away with it! My favorite video is "Dance in the Rain", which is how I found you. It was a suggested video during one of my times wandering YouTube. I really like the canvas work that you did, as well as the art journal pages. Your videos always invigorate me with an urge to do some mixed media art, but I don't have the stuff to do it and I honestly don't know where to begin. It's all so much! I mostly work on making cards and other types of paper crafting, nothing really solid like canvas work.

  154. Hey Rach! I subscribe to your channel because you make awesome art! Hard to pick a favourite as there's many I like, but I do like the Moleskin journal pages *a lot*

    I like watching you make assemblages as they intrigue me and you add so much detail. But everything you do I enjoy as your canvases and journal pages rock too! Just watching the process of each art piece is what I enjoy.

    Anything else? Miss you when you're gone, but understand why xxx

  155. You were the first person on youtube that I checked out when I was just looking for arty projects and then I watched all your videos withing a span of a few weeks and I still go and watch them over and over.I just love the amazing details you add to the projects.You aobviously make super gorgeous projects but I love that you don't restrict yourself to one particular thing,you do collages,you paint,you do parchment craft,polymer clay and you excel at everything.But,beyond all this,what I like and respect is that you do it because you truly enjoy it.You are not doing it for the purpose of just making a business out of it.You do art for art's sake and I like that.I hope you know what I mean.
    My fav video has to be the steampunk butterfly canvas.That was the first vid of yours that I watched and will always remain my favourite.As far as what kind of videos,I think I would like anything you make.My fascination is with mixed media,so I like looking at those kind of projects.
    As far as I am concerned,I am fairly new to crafting and try my hand at mixed media and trying real hard to be as good as you.It will take ages though.:-)Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  156. Hi Rachel. I stumbled across your videos whilst looking for inspiration and you certainly don't disappoint.
    I love your mixed media work. The dragonfly work is absolutely beautiful, as is the fairies in the garden. Your attention to detail is exquisite. Please keep the videos coming.
    You are an inspiration to me to be brave and experiment more within my own work. Thank you for sharing!
    Heather x


  157. 1. I am your subscriber on your you tube channel since a while and always love to see your videos...again and again.... Always good to see how your art grow up from a white paper or canvas. Music is fun, fit to your work. Hard to say which is my favorite...every pieces are unique and full with fantasy. I like your Triptych, because I knew new technics and like your Dance in The Rain because of colors and joy.
    2. Mixed media is the best and my favs are canvases with any paintings or textured paste or clay and more. It is good that you show what you exactly use.
    3. I am just getting familiar with these medias and I fallen in love with your art and style. I used decoupage technic long long time ago and after I stopped because I went back to work. But nowadays I want to jump into creativity again and your style was very inspiring. I would be so proud to own one of your pieces, mainly if those are fairies...I am a huge fairy fan :)
    Thank you for your videos and any video you upload is appreciated so much!
    sorry for my English I wish I could know it better to express how I like what you done.

  158. Dear Rachel, I am so glad to see you have made a new Video :-) and congrats to your 30K!!! That is so impressiv! But you are truly a talented and unique Artist :-)Well to choose just one favorite Video is such a pain, I do love them all - and I have been watching them over and over again. To see your work in Progress is just such an Inspiration to me, and if I am down or my creativity is in vacation this really helps me to stand up und dry new techniques. My personal Style is creating Mixed Media Steampunk Project (I am not so much into Art Journal)Therefore this are the Videos I love to watch such as the Mixed Media Steampunk Dragonfly or the Mixed Media Assemblage. I did miss you a lot when you where gone Good luck for your new Start - xoxo SanDee1899

  159. Hi Rachel :)
    1)I subscribe to your YT channel as I just love watching you transform a plain item, be it a canvas, tag or piece of paper into a beautiful work of art, your work inspires me to have a go myself. Choosing my favourite video is really tough, I think it is the Steampunk Dragonfly Mixed Media Canvas, but I also love the Mixed Media Card Art- Home Is Where The Heart Is.
    2)Honestly, I will watch anything you put up on YT but I do especially like the mixed Media stuff as I would like to get better at this kind of art myself.
    3)As I have said before via email, I think you are an amazing artist and must have the biggest selection of art supplies I have ever seen lol Keep up the good work, I really missed your work while you were having time out and am really pleased you are back and making new art and videos :) xx

  160. 1. I subscribe to your channel so I can see you do your magic. I've tried some of your techniques because you make them look so easy, but mine are flops. I keep trying, though! My favorite is your Steampunk Tag video.
    2. I would like to see more art cards, possible with rubber stamps, because that's what I like to do. I make cards and send them to friends and relatives.
    3. I love art, but I am not an artist, so I was thrilled when I discover rubber stamps. I'm able to do crafts now because the rubber stamps add the art. You are an artist and a crafter. You imagine beautiful things you can do to a blank canvas. I wish I could do that. I'd like to win your art to put up in my craft room for inspiration.

  161. I am a new subscriber to your channel. I just happened upon it and I just LOVE it. I have only seen your "Fairies In The Garden" so far and have not had the chance to view all of your videos, but I am definitely going to do that. I am most interested in mixed media and clay, but you have so much to offer so everything you do will inspire and teach me. I do mostly paper crafting and ceramics, both wheel throwing and hand building. I do some bead work too and try to incorporate that into my clay work. I am so glad to have "met" you!

  162. 1, Originally, I subscribed to your videos because I was looking for mixed media techniques. I think it was the altered mask that I saw first, so of course, I signed up and have stayed signed up. As for a favourite piece, it's such a tough choice, so I'll have to go with your newest piece - Fairies in the Garden. I'm torn between Altered Mask, Gothic Halloween, Steampunk Dragonflies and Shabby Chic Fabric canvas as well, but must admit that I haven't had the time to view all of your videos.

    2. I love seeing drawing, painting, clay work, mixed media, altered art, cards, book making, journaling and the list of techniques goes on. Keep doing what you're doing and I'll watch your posts as they come up.

    3. I must apologize for not leaving many comments, but I do more watching than anything else and am just learning a little of how YouTube works. I'll go through some of your vids and give them the thumbs up, as I will with your new ones.

    As for me, I haven't made any videos yet - something I need to learn, along with how to upload to YouTube. When it happens and I do anything that's been inspired by you, I'll let you know. In the meantime, keep up the great work, because I love to watch you create and appreciate very much that you take the time to upload your videos.

    I appreciate the chance to win your newest masterpiece and hope to be the one to give it a forever home. Heather :-)

  163. I subscribed to your channel because someone gave me a link and I love your mixed media art. a while back, I was watching another video of yours without realizing it was you. I love the life on hold page. I love this fairy canvas as well. I would love to see more art journaling/mixed media. thanks for making art and sharing it w/ us!

  164. Hi Rachel, I have been enamoured with your videos ever since seeing the one on doing the tickets and distress ink applied with the brush nibs. You always seem to be on top of the art techniques and products. I just got the Donna Downey Hollyhock stencil you used in this video and am looking forward to using the modeling paste with it. I just made my own journal and it is 8 x 8 coincidentally. So this is very up for me. I love stencils and the magic they can do for a page. My first love are nature rubber stamps and colouring them. I have a site called mostlystamped that shows some of my simple but effective pages for my journals. I am all about the content of the journal so they stay simple with lots of white space for writing. I would like to see cool backgrounds with Gelli-Arts and stencils. I really love your artistry. Thanks for all your lovely videos.

  165. Hi there!
    I´m not a true blogger, YT:er or anything like that as I have an illness that prevents me from sitting up/being up and about for longer periods of time during the day. Creating is hard from lying in bed - but my ideas are flowing and you make them flow even more so. There´s really no good words for how much I like your art and all that you do (although English has a fantastic variety of adjectives compared to Swedish! lol). My heart relly pounds and someone set my brain on fire of new ideas. I loved the Steampunk dragonflies for the colours and the vibrance of the whole canvas. I could really see them fly over the canvas.... Beautiful! Thank you for all that you do for me (and lots of others) and for sharing your thought, ideas, videos etc. It´s really humble of you to do so. :o) I like to brighten up others people´s lives and would therefor love to see more of cards for birthdays or any other occasion. Since I can never celebrate my friends in person (I can hardly leave my house) I love to send them my thoughts, my artwork and my love. Therefor - more of that, pleeeease. :o) I am a subscriber to your YT and will also follow your blog now that I´m here. Great! Be well and looking forward to more of your creations.

  166. Hi! Thanks for the chance. Here are my answers:
    1. I subscribed to you along ago 'cos I love your projects but also absolutely love your time elapsed videos. You give very detailed information about every single product you use and the process of the project is very easy to follow and understand. I don't have one specific fav video but the ones showing the art journal pages are always the best for me.
    2.This one kind of answers with the last part of the first one ;-) Art journal pages but also would like to see any video of an atc.
    3.I started doing scrapbooking but channels like yours and a few other people made me move to the mixed media art. Nowadays, scrapbooking is quite forgotten and I keep exploring and discovering the infinite possibilities of the mixed media. I still remember you left a kind comment in my YT channel with one of my first mixed media projects :-) Now they don't look like that one anymore as I've learned and practised more but it's nice to remember it. Don't do videos at the moment but my blog is full of mixed media projects.

    Again thanks for the chance,

  167. Hi! I came across your channel looking for inspiration for art journaling (and fell in love)!! My favorite video is the journal page of Marie Antoinette. I would love to see a video of your favorite, go to, supplies. I am just a southern mama who likes to play with pretty papers and paint when my kiddos are sleeping:-)

  168. Hey Rach! I am subscribed because I simply fell in love with your art the one day. I watched all of your videos on one weekend because they were so fascinating and I really enjoyed them- and still do!
    Secondly, I like to work with polymer clay and would therefore love to see you do some pieces with clay. That would be a great inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing your work with the world. :)

  169. Rachel, I subscribe because you are so inspiring! The details you add to your work makes me want to be better. I love the colors you use and how each project is different. I used to think the Steampunk Dragonfly was my favorite....but this is so's probably my favorite now. I don't have any specific "wants" for what to see....I watch while I walk on the maybe please continue the upbeat music!! I'm new to mixed media so I just love being inspired by you!!! PattiHutch

  170. 1. I am a new subscriber to your channel after watching several of your videos this weekend. I am VERY new and VERY inexperienced in the world of mixed media...I am just a papercrafter looking for something new. I am certainly nowhere your level of talent, but I've picked up a few pointers from watching. My fave so far is "Elements of Magic"..but they're all great.
    2. I, too, will watch whatever you want to record. As my daughter says, "I'm picking up what you're laying down!"
    3. THANK YOU for taking the time to share your amazing talent.

  171. Hi Rachel! I found your youtube channel when I went on an inspiration hunt. I am getting back into art and wanted to reacquaint myself with techniques. I subscribed because I love your art. Your techniques are wonderful to watch and have inspired my creativity. My favorite piece is Steampunk Dragonflies.

    I would love to see you do more altered art. I would also love to see more of your painting. I enjoyed the videos for Painting a Mixed Media portrait. To be honest, I would just love to see more of your creative process.

    Honestly, I went through all of your videos over a two day period and was really excited to see this new one! I can't wait to see your next creation.

  172. Hello Rachael, I was so happy to see another video from you! I have really missed videos! I love each and ever one of your videos and I could watch them over and over and always learn a new technique :)
    1. I truly love your style and creativity, Mixed Media Painting - Elements Of Magic is my favorite video because I love the colors and the faces you painted on the three girls.
    2. I really love all of your videos but I think some more Mixed Media Art Journal pages would be nice.
    3. I truly love all of your work, I have never watched a video where I thought, uh? :) I do watch in amazement at some of the pieces thinking where is she going and it just turns out GREAT! I have even started to do my own mixed media projects after being inspired by your videos. :) Thank you for sharing you talent please keep the videos coming!

  173. I subscribed to your YT channel because I think you do fantastic work in ALL your art projects and it's such a joy to watch you...I would like to see more mixed media and art journaling...My favorite video is the one called Shabby Chic Fabric Canvas...I am in love with anything shabby chic...
    You were one of the first persons that I watched regularly years ago when I started making cards and I was always in awe seeing your talent and the beautiful things that you came up with and the years have not disappointed me in any way...
    Congrats for your 30,000 subbies and I wish you 30,000 more to come...this canvas giveaway is absolutely awesome...I love, love your work...keep inspiring us...
    Denise Trottier

  174. Hiya Rach, I subscribed to your channel when I was recovering from a serious illnes and had lost my zest for life. I can honestly say you played a huge part in my recovery, you're so inspiring and I love the way you show each product you use. The upbeat music your hubby wrote for you goes round and round in my head while I'm working on my own pieces :)
    My favourite video is the mixed media "There is only one you" I have a very poor reproduction hanging on the wall in my bedroom, but it spurs me on every day and I love it! I started doing mixed media because I love the vibrancy of acrylics and the layering and textures and all the bits and bobs you can use to achieve it. The metal tape vivdeo you did is also an awesome inspiration and I've adapted that to my own "mental metal" hope you don't mind....
    As to what I'd like to see more of? well absolutely anything. I loved your faux circus glass, the faux cloisinee(?), journal pages, altered objects, anything you've done just fills me with the giddies and sends me flying off to have a go. So please keep making the videos they're all so eagerly anticipated !
    Well done on reaching 30,000 subscribers - doesn't surprise me one bit - and heres to the next landmark - 50,000!

  175. Hi Rachel, Yay!! A new video by you :-) Thank you for that and for doing this fun give away!! Congratulations on 30,000 subscribers! Answers to your questions: 1) I subscribed to your channel because I love watching you work. I find it very inspiring. I came across you when I was just getting in to art journaling/mixed media art. My favorite video so far is:Mixed Media Painting-Elements of Magic. 2) I would love to see more art journaling style videos and mixed media work. I know that covers a broad arena of things. I love tags, canvases, painting. 3) I would like to say....more videos please! You really are a delight to watch. So any video you post, I'll watch them!! Who ever wins this is one lucky duck :-)

  176. Hello Rachel,
    I have been a subscriber to your channel for a long time. Your techniques and projects are inspirational and helpful. I would be so lucky to win any masterpiece of yours.
    1.Why do you subscribe to my channel & what is your favorite video?
    You are the best. Truly I will search for a technique maybe you have done and can't find any as good as yours. I always end up back at your channel and let your magic inspire me. :). I have so many favorites. The domino was the one for a long time. I have each of your techniques in my list to do. Mater of fact after I saw this post I went and did the Faux Cloisonne finally. I LOVE IT.
    2. What type of video would you like to see more of, for example drawing & painting, altered 3D art, clay work, canvases, tags, art cards, etc etc - you can list a style, medium or type of art. I love mixed media but would love to see any thing you create to learn about the techniques. I would love to see new videos too. :).
    3. Anything else you want to add about yourself, your art or my videos. I love your channel and you inspire me. No matter how many times I watch them I learn something new.
    Thank you for doing this giveaway. I am not shocked how many subbies you have. You are talented and well just keep doing what you do. Thanks.

  177. Rach! I'm not surprised you've reach such a milestone in subscribers! You have a compelling talent for art and your teaching skills make your videos both informative and so 'watchable'. I've been watching you on YT for about 3 yrs and from your start on Ustream! While it is difficult to choose a favorite video, I think your decorated egg is the most magical! More altered art and canvases would be to my liking! Me, I'm primarily a card maker and dabble in mixed media and altered art (boxes, canvases). I'm papercrafter52!

  178. Hi Rachel. I subscribed to your channel because you are by far THE best mixed media artist on You Tube and I've looked at the work of most of them! I have so many favourites.... The Steampunk Dragonflies..... Gothic Art Canvas, Home is Where the Heart is..... Dance in the Rain journal page.... Steampunk Tag... Altered Dominos...... Etc etc...
    My favourite videos or the mixed media and art journalling projects. I love the way you think a project of yours is finished.... And then you add something else! With your work, to say "less is not more...." Is just not true. More is more!
    So many of us would love to know more about you - where you live, where you work, what you look like. With 300,000 followers, we'd all love to know more about RachO113.....

  179. Rach any current video that you produce is my favorite...I would love to see more of your art journal work...thank you for taking the time to make these videos to share with us and help inspire us.

  180. I think I subscribed to your channel in February '13. I was looking for samples/tutorials of art journaling, a new love of mine, as well as samples/tuts of mixed media. I came across your Art Journal page - Life On Hold. You made it look so easy, but so beautifully done. I've learned so much from your videos. Before I subscribe to a channel, I always have a peek at other videos. Your Steampunk Dragonflies and your Gothic Halloween got me hooked. I watch every new video and older vids as time allows. Your 3D mixed media pieces are my fav, but I can't pick a favorite single vid/item. Your latest seems to become my new fav. Your Fairies in the Garden is so enchanting and whimsical and I love it. By far I love your 3D mixed media vids the best. Only thing to add is that though I enjoy your pizzeria background music, I'd like to hear you mix it up a little on your longer videos. After a few minutes, I crave pizza so bad and I'm gluten and dairy free! LOL! Otherwise, I love your work and how you make it seem that I too could make beautiful pieces using your techniques. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  181. Hi Rachel - very many congratulations on this milestone. You completely deserve it. I've been constantly checking your blog and you tube hoping for you to post something so it was a big YAY from me to see the fairy picture. To answer the questions:
    1) I love watching your videos - I stumbled across them randomly and loved what I was seeing so added you to my subscriptions. What I love about your channel is not just the amazing art work but also your generosity in sharing your work and showing us step by step how you did the projects. Also the fact that you list and do close ups of the products used. You're a fantastic teacher. I also like how watchable the videos are, they seem well edited. This also keeps me watching - there's no long drawn out silences - they're never tedious because you get to the point. It's hard to pick a favourite video but I think it has to be the spooky one with the umbrella man and spiders - genius.
    2) I'm happy to see any of your videos - I just get inspiration from all your work so from my point of view I just like to see what is inspiring you at the time and what you've chosen to share with us. If I had to choose I guess I enjoy the mixed media stuff best so would like to see more of that, but it's all enjoyable.
    3) My creativity has always mainly been expressed in textiles but I've recently started dabbling in mixed media work (the results of which are a amateurish but I have fun doing it). The creative project that I'm most proud of recently is a fairy house that I'm building for my little granddaughter Ada to play with when she comes to my house. I have no idea where the inspiration came from but it's causing my imagination to run riot and I'm loving it (if you're interested in seeing pics they are on the facebook page 'Handmade in Pompey').
    Your videos are just amazing and inspirational Rach, thanks so much for all the wonderful sharing, and very many congratulations on having such a big following all over the world. Warm wishes, Ceri from Portsmouth.

  182. Love the colors in your canvas, and the fairies quote is wonderful!

    I subscribed to your channel because I loved your color choices, texture and the depth all your layers give to the work. I'm a new subscriber, so don't have a favorite video yet.

    Polymer clay work is a favorite of mine, but anything with lots of texture and great colors is wonderful.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  183. My daughter and I stumbled upon your channel today! We have watched several videos and just love the bright colors! We would love to see more videos, plain and simple! The Mixed Media Page video is cool. My kiddo liked the 3 girls on the page. I liked the tree branch stamp. We are starting small with just a few stamps and some acrilic paint and some simple paint brushes, but we love what we are doing now and being as creative as possible!!

  184. Hi Rach, your vids are a real inspiration and I watch them and your Ustream again and again, I think my favorite is the Halloween Art Tag, hmm I love that you do so many different things but I really love the punky funky Stampotique images. I would just like to add a big thank you, I have tried many of the techniques you have shown and I feel my own art has taken huge steps forward because of you. Congratulations on your 30000 you deserve every single one of them.

  185. Hi Rach,
    I love watching your videos because you are so creative and make me want to make something beautiful.
    I first found your YT from watching other peoples channels. Also you are highly recommended by the ladies out there.
    I enjoy seeing you create all things...altered art, mixed media, shabby chic stuff, anything that can make my heart sing.
    Congrats on your subbies. You deserve it.

  186. Dear Rachel,
    I have been watching you and drooling for some years now. I don't know anyone that has your talent. It seems to just ooze out of you. I don't have a favorite piece that you have done because I am awestruck by all of them. I wish I had 1/10th of your talent. I do love mixed media and the more I see I am I am more inspired. I am just getting into Gelli art with a gel printing plate, so if you are into it I would like to see what you do with it.
    You keep me peaceful. Thankyou.

  187. Rachel
    I discovered you last year and I'm so glad I did. Until I had watched one of your videos I didn't understand what mixed media was, now I'm hooked. You have given a 'quite mature' woman a new outlook. Your Metal Tape video had inspired me to the point where I used your idea to create some personalised birthday cards for male friends and relations. The friend is an artist and he was over the moon with his unique card - it still sits on his desk in his office in Edinburgh. My 'hard to please' brother was very impressed, all thanks to you and your fabulous talent. Sometimes I sit and watch you just for the pleasure of seeing you create something. If only I was half as talented.
    A good friend and I have started journalling so a few more journal pages would certainly help with our creativeness, otherwise just keep them coming because whatever you do, you do it brilliantly.
    Were I be lucky enough to win your canvas it would make my year.
    Keep it up.

  188. Hi Rachel. Congratulations on 30k subscribers, although I must say I'm not surprised. I am a subscriber because watching you at work is so captivating and inspiring. It is such a motivation to see your visions come to life. You are, by far, my favorite mixed media artist on YouTube. You are responsible for inspiring me to delve into the world of mixed media art and I can't thank you enough, especially since I've now found a way to utilize all the thousands of supplies I have hoarded in my room. :) It's hard for me to pick one favorite piece of artwork, as I enjoy them all. One of the key projects to catch my attention was your altered bottle project. I've never seen anyone alter a bottle before and I enjoyed watching your technique. I made one myself but it didn't turn out as nice as yours. :) Another favorite of mine is the French Connection piece, as I liked watching that one come together.
    I love watching any videos you make, from the altered art pieces to hauls, and journal pages to canvases. I'd love to see a few videos on how you come up with your ideas and where you draw inspiration from. Sometimes I have all the materials, but a hard time visioning my starting point. At least I have your videos to turn to for techniques and more creative brainstorming.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to win one of your beautiful masterpieces. I look forward to watching more of your videos and reading your blog. Thanks for all the inspiration, thus far. :)
    Monica (mosartisan)

  189. Like your other subscribers, I have followed your work for a long time and you are so inspirational. Your videos always leave me with so many ideas and challenges. Although I've never seen one of your videos I didn't like, my favorites are those on altered 3D art and mixed media. I was really inspired by your faux cloisonné and foil tape work. Those videos started me down lots of new paths. I make Steam Punk jewelry and would love to see you do more mixed media work with foils, textured metal and UTEE.
    Congratulations on your 30,000 subscriptions. You deserve thanks from all of us for your inspiration and hard work.
    Lynnette Lewis

  190. Ive been a yt subbie for about a year now,and my favorite vids that stands out in my mind would be the steampunk dragonflies, im not sure if thats the vids name but its a. Mixed media canvas with clay dragonflies and lots of steampunk goodness.
    Im into mixed media now,not just watching but actually making :-) i do love ur canvases so i guess more of that with clay. Oh yeah i also liked the shadow boxes u linked together.ur awesome! !

  191. Looking for mi ed media inspiration.Found your channel and immediately subscribed. I love all your videos. If you do any assemblage / drawer assemblage that would be something I would love to see. I am a collage and mixed media artist but need to continue go improve. Congratulations on your subscribers!

  192. I discovered your YT videos just poking around the internet and proceeded to watch every one of them. Then you started Ustream and I loved it. I was just starting with mixed media so each episode was loaded with info for me. Your Ustream wasn't complete for me without hearing your neighbor's dog barking. You have yet to show something that I haven't enjoyed and come away with new knowledge. I love your small canvases and your journal pages. Seeing the layers being built and with which products and tools. I wouldn't miss one of your haul videos to save my life!I like to do mixed media, stamping and papercrafting. It is all a wonderful, magical place for me to go and I'm so glad you're part of it.

  193. Welcome back
    #1. I have been watching you on you tube for quite some time now but I wasn't into this big social media thing. However when I seen your mixed media videos I had to subscribe.(of course I had to ask my kids for help lol) I didn't even know that you had a blog or how to follow a blog until I seen"Fairies in the garden". I have yet to explore but looking forward to it.
    #2. I would love to see more mixed media projects and techniques. You also inspired me to try my hand at an art journal so more of those too please.
    #3. I am co-owner of Massillon Metaphysics. My sisters and I make and sell jewelry, gemstones and more. I found you because I was doing research on steampunk. I am so glad I found your channel. I want you to know that you have inspired not only me but my business partners to expand out of our artistic comfort zone. I suffer from MS and art/jewelry design is my stress release as well as an income. You have put the creative spark back into me. It excites me to know that you are back and will have more videos to inspire and teach people who just need that little nudge. I would not only loveto win "Fairies in the garden" but I would be honored! Thank you for sharing your talent and inspiring others.

  194. Hi!
    1.I subscribe to your channel because I am simply amazed by the process of it all...I sit and watch you make something so beautiful and then you start adding more...and make it more beautiful! I've learned to no longer question you when you do that lol! It is so difficult to pick one video of yours I love, I have yet to be disappointed with any. I love your Mixed Media Assemblage videos.
    2.I'm a big fan of your mixed media art, so I would have to say your canvas and 3D art videos are my favorite.
    3. I'm still fairly new to crafting (less than a year) and when I saw your first video I showed my husband and told him "I want to create like that! I want to truly get my hands dirty and create". I really like how you do your videos...step-by-step, showing us what product you're using etc.

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! I would be THRILLED to have your art hanging in my home!!
    Linda :)

  195. Thanks for the new video. I love watching you work. I have learned from you to make my own art work better by adding more and then a little more interest to a piece. I have several favorite videos gothic halloween, steampunk dragonflies, mixed media assemblage... I learn from every video you do and would welcome all types. Thanks again, Rach for sharing your art!

  196. First of all, your work is very inspiring. I was checking out videos for my first mixed media project inspiration, and none on you tube was more inspiring than yours, at least for me. I should say I adapted your dragonflies project in a mixed media project that I did recently. It was a big hit, the concept is amazing. And that is my favorite video from your channel.

    I am a lover of mixed media art work on canvasses and art journal pages and would love to see more videos on these lines. I paint using watercolors, acrylics and oils and I find it fun to mix media and work. Other work of art is equally interesting when you do it, primarily because of the way it is presented. I love your background music which keeps it more interesting.

    Your work has been inspirational to so many as is evident from the number of subscribers and the views. I am a big fan. no doubt. I do a lot of work on canvas usually 11x 14 or 8x10 for mixed media and your work is one of a kind inspiration to me always. I think your videos are very helpful to people like me who start off without attending any formal art courses, and are not familiar with the variety of material at the store available for enhancing art work.

  197. Beautiful canvas, love the colors and theme, I've learned so much from your videos, and am always inspired by your work.
    1) I just recently subscribed to you channel, watched a lot of the videos and finally logged on to subscribe, I enjoy the way your videos are layed out, easy to follow and great to see the products used.Mixed Media Art Canvas Gothic Halloween, I think this is my fav, although it is hard to pinpoint one only.
    2)Being fairly new to the Mixed Media I am open to anything that you do but i love the canvas work, leaves so much room for creativity.
    3)I started out card making 6 yrs ago, one night I was up late looking at product and how to use it and stumbled across one of your videos, you were doing the Mixed Media Assemblage, I spent most of the night drinking coffee and watching your videos, went out and bought my first Golden product after that, funny how that grows.
    Cheers and hope you have a great day from Dartmouth Nova Scotia

  198. My favorite video of yours and the one that made me subscribe to your channel is the Gothic Halloween. As with so many of your projects, I kept wanting you to stop for fear that you would ruin it -- so many layers submerged beneath new ones, the palimpsest of art, which is what creates the amazing depth and plays of light and shadow – but the final result is always amazing.

    I also love Dance in the Rain, Life on Hold, and Home is Where the Heart Is. Anything you turn your heart and creativity to is wonderful, but I watch and re-watch your art journal pages.

    I write, draw, paint, and art journal. I am a retired literature teacher and editor, so now I have time to play in my studio with all the wonderful mediums and inspiring videos out there now. I started out with cards and ATCs, but now spend more time on mixed media and art journaling. The lovely thing is that all I’ve ever learned or dabbled in (be it fabric arts, literature, watercolors, etc.) can inform the next step in the artistic journey. And thank God for the Internet and YouTube that connects us all and allows creativity to burst forth like a desert after the spring rains.